Boeing Employees Conscious Wellness Expo July 25 2015

Gerry & I are excited to be one of the vendors at the Conscious Wellness Expo July 25, 2015 in Kent, WA. Besides offering Aura Photos and Chakra Imaging, we have copies of my latest book – Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom.  Admission is free and I’m offering a copy of my new book as a door prize. See you there!BEPC

Join Us Aug 8-9 at Ocean Shores WA

Ocean Shores Body & Soul Festival

We love Ocean Shores and will be there in August doing what we love – Aura Photos and Chakra Imaging. Admission to the festival is free – donations welcome.

I’m presenting a “Playshop” on Saturday at 4 PM on Playing with your Human Energy System.

Join me as I demonstrate “playercises” that energize and balance your Human Energy System – your Aura and Chakras.  Learn these easy and fun methods from my books you can use anywhere, anytime.

I will have copies of my latest book, Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom with me, so stop by and receive an autographed copy.

Saturday & Sunday
Aura at gig Harbor

August 8 2015 10 AM to 6 PM

August 9 2015 10 AM to 5 PM


Ocean Shores WA
Ocean Shores Lions Club at 832 Ocean Shores Blvd
August 8 – 9, 2015

Join Us at the Grand Opening of Mystical Pathways in Puyallup WA

Join us to celebrate the Grand Opening of Mystical Pathways in Puyallap WALucia & Carolyn finished aura chakra image


APRIL 24,25,26 2015



$10 Friday, $45 Saturday, $25 Sunday or $65 Weekend

Psychics, Mediums, Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing and, of course, Aura photos and Chakra Imaging.

All readings $20 for 20 minutes.

Call 253-864-4481 for information.

Please check our schedule for additional venues

NW Psychic Fair March 21 2015

Join us at NW Psychic Spirit and Alternative Health Fairs tomorrow. It’s Lori’s birthday!

Kirkland Venue:Aura at gig Harbor

Saturday March 21 2015             10 AM to 5 PM

Saturday April 18 2015               10 AM to 5 PM


Baymont Inn – Totem Lake

12223 NE 116th, Kirkland WA 98034

Lori, the founder of the NW Psychic Spirit and Alternative Health Fairs,  is celebrating 87 years of her Earthwalk. Please stop by and meet the very talented and “in tune” readers. Talk to us about doing a special before and after aura photo and chakra imaging.

Galactic Wisdom Conference March 6 2015

We are appearing March 6th and March 8th at the Galactic Wisdom Conference in Gig Harbor WA with our Aura Video Station.

galactic wisdom conference bannerTed Mahr is hosting this non-profit UFO and psychic conference with some of the world’s most famous and interesting UFO and psychic people at the Inn at Gig Harbor in Gig Harbor, Washington from March 6th to 8th, 2015.  I’ve printed his letter below that best details this awesome event.

Speakers at the conference will be: 

(1) famous Michiko Hayashi (Head, Emoto Peace Project) and world famous Dr. Yasu Nemoto (Chief Scientist, Emoto Peace Project) who are flying in from Tokyo, Japan; they will be giving a special workshop on the work of the late Dr. Masuro Emoto; Dr. Emoto was one of the world’s most famous and most spiritual doctors, until he met an untimely death last October;  He is the author of the New York Times’ best selling book, Messages from Water;

(2) Scott Lemriel, author of the best selling book, The Seres Agenda; Scott has had face to face contact with benevolent human ETs for the past 54 years and will be giving a seminar on how to contact benevolent human ETs;

(3) Jerry Wills, a wonderful healer who has been able to heal people of almost any disease by just touching them; Jerry can also remove alien implants – I actually saw him remove alien implants last October at an international UFO Conference in Bergen, Norway;

(4) famous psychic Lois Berman, who is flying in from Boston; Lois has her own very successful psychic TV and radio programs and she is one of the best psychics in North America;

(5) Phoenix Redhawk, a wonderful and nationally well known spiritual healer from Long Island, New York, who will also be flying in for the conference.  The conference is called the “Galactic Wisdom Conference” and it will be held at the Inn at Gig Harbor at 3211 – 56th Street, N.W., Gig Harbor, Washington 98335, telephone:  253-858-1111.

(6) Finally, people will be able to have a private showing of  the academy award winning movie, “The Invocation” on Sunday night, March 8th.  Famous Hollywood film producer Emmanuel Itier has graciously agreed to a free, private showing of his movie, which is considered the world’s most spiritual film!

The  first day of the conference on Friday, March 6th will be FREE, with FREE healing sessions and FREE psychic readings with some of the world’s best psychics from 7 pm to 10 pm.  (Compare this to the cost of psychic readings in Seattle and in Tacoma, where some psychics charge up to $125 and $250 per hour to do readings!)

Also, from 5 pm to 7 pm that day, there will be FREE food.

In addition,  from 2 pm to 4 pm on that Friday (March 6th), I will be broadcasting my “Out of this World” Radio show from the ballroom at the Inn at Gig Harbor, and will then open the conference at 5 pm.   People are welcome to come to the Inn at Gig Harbor to be part of the live audience.

My “Out of this World Radio” show broadcasts from Seattle on KKNW 1150 Am on Friday afternoons from 2 pm to 4 pm.  It is a psychic and UFO show, and it one of the most popular talk shows in Seattle.  It is also the fastest growing UFO and psychic radio program in the world with listeners in over 60 countries!

Also, if people would like to volunteer to help with the conference by doing simple things like providing transportation for the speakers, or perhaps providing a free room or a bed for the speakers, or help with people registering for the conference, they will get admission to the entire three day event for free.

The purpose of the Galactic Wisdom Conference (and my “Out of this World” radio show) is to raise consciousness to make this world a better and happier place.  The event is dedicated to the late Dr. Masuro Emoto (the world’s most famous water scientist and one of the world’s most spiritual men, and author of the New York Times’ best selling book, Messages from Water.

The conference is designed not only to put people in touch with the other side, but also to give them the opportunity to contact UFOs and Extraterrestrials.    People will also be able to meet some of the world’s most famous spiritual healers for FREE healing sessions for any health problem or disease, all free of charge for the first day of the conference on Friday, March 6th, from 7 pm to 10 pm.

It’s a nonprofit conference, and the event is dedicated to the late Dr. Masuro Emoto (the world’s most famous water scientist and one of the world’s most spiritual men, and author of the New York Times’ best selling book, Messages from Water), who unfortunately passed away in October 2014.

Joining me to give the opening speech at the conference on Friday night (March 6th) will be Echan Deravy, who lives in the Japan, who is also flying in for the conference… He was on my show recently; he is one of the world’s best remote viewers and I consider him one of the world’s most fascinating people!!

The first day of the conference on Friday, March 6th is free, and the cost for the other two days on Saturday and Sunday (March 7th and 8th) is $197, with a daily rate of just $97 a day, which includes all free workshops and healing sessions.  Students and low income get a 50 percent discount.

I hope you can do a story on my conference, and you are also very welcome to attend (for free) — Thank you so much for your interest and support!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

With Best Wishes,

Ted Mahr, Organizer, Galactic Wisdom Conference

Creating Positive Energy Through Kindness and Joy

random actos of kindnessYou live in a sea of energy—the Universal Energy Field (UEF).  Quantum physics refers to this field of possibilities as the “Quantum Soup.” Ancients called this life-force energy “chi” or “qi.” Western mystics talked about Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Spirit and “The All.”  Contemporary philosophers discuss the “Divine Matrix of Creation.”

No matter what you call it, energy is energy and it is the “stuff” of the Universe. Energy is neither good nor bad—it just “is.” Energy only realizes its potential when in motion.

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”  – Third Law of Hermetic Wisdom.

The Law of Vibration is an ancient concept that forms the basis for many contemporary scientific observations and theories.  Everything that exists in the universe has its own natural frequency of vibration.  Light, heat, magnetism, and electricity all exist because of vibration.  According to John W. Keely’s first law of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, published in 1893, vibration is the beginning of all matter.

The frequency of the vibration determines its form—the lower the frequency, the more physically dense the form.  A form that is more refined and subtle has a higher or faster vibratory rate.  If you change the frequency of the vibration, you will alter the form.

Thoughts are powerful. Created by conscious, cognitive processes, your thoughts focus this life force energy. Each thought carries a form. Whatever you think, you transmit that vibratory frequency. If you want to create positive energy, then what thoughts do you think?

Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD developed a “map” of the levels of human consciousness (also called the Scale of Consciousness) that uses a muscle-testing technique called Applied Kinesiology (AK).  Muscle testing uses your body’s muscles to give a “true/false” reading.  In AK, a muscle that tests strong equals a “true” reading whereas a muscle that tests weak indicates a “false.”  AK presupposes that your body intrinsically “knows” what is beneficial for you as well as harmful.  Through calibration with AK, you can figure out what is “good” and “true” for your well-being as well as what can be detrimental (false) for you.

In his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Hawkins researched and documented the nonlinear, spiritual realm. His dissertation, titled “Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibrations of the Level of Human Consciousness,” is an elaborate discussion of the Scale of Consciousness and its significance.  He outlines his scientifically validated work in his groundbreaking book, Power vs. Force: The Anatomy of Consciousness (Veritas Publishing, 1995).

Each level of consciousness (LOC) coincides with definable human behaviors and perceptions about life and God/Spirit. Each level represents a corresponding attractor field of varying strength that exists beyond the three-dimensional reality. Dr. Hawkins determined that each LOC has a critical point to which its defined field entrains.  The numbers on Dr. Hawkins’ scale represent calibrations of measurable vibratory frequencies of the levels of human consciousness and its corresponding level of reality.

By testing the participants using AK, Dr. Hawkins determined that all tested weak when exposed to the behaviors list below 200. To varying degrees, all participants tested strong to those behaviors calibrated about 200. If you want to create positive energy, then align your thoughts and actions with those behaviors above 200.

Level of Consciousness

Figure 1 Table from Think It->Say It->Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Life

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ~ Lao Tzu

Expressing kindness is probably one of the best ways to get your mojo working in a positive direction. Kindness is a virtue honored by many cultures and ethical systems. Underlying this behavior is an altruistic concern for others, as true giving expects no return. Research demonstrates that an act of kindness not only benefits the receiver, it physically uplifts the giver via “feel good” neurotransmitters released in the brain.  That is if only you don’t “keep score.”

It takes courage to step out of you comfort zone and commit random acts of kindness. You need to have a non-judgmental, neutral mindset plus a willingness to accept the other for who they are.

Want to practice random acts of kindness? You can use your thoughts to radiate kindness to others without physically doing something for the other. Just by broadcasting positive thoughts, you can perhaps make someone’s present moment more joyful.

Create energy packets of Good Vibrations—and send them to a random individual.

“You are like a candle. Imagine you are sending light out all around you. All your words, thoughts and actions are going in many directions. If you think something kind, your kind words go in many directions, and you yourself go with them.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

When you first do this exercise, start in familiar surroundings, i.e. your workplace, a social gathering, or in one of your favorite hangouts. Using your intuition, notice one person in your immediate area. You might observe that they are waiting in line, maybe look tired, bored, or a bit frustrated. Do the following:

1.            Look at the person with positive neutrality.  Quickly, find one feature about this person that you like or find agreeable.  This can be anything from a pleasing smile to an attractive pair of glasses.  It can be a physical feature or part of their attire. No matter how insignificant, discover one aspect of the individual that is positive in your world. If finding a positive attribute is a challenge, then move on to another person.

2.            When you found that one thing, use your words to create a well-formed, positive thought about the person.  “She has a friendly smile.”  “What a great pair of glasses!” Phrase this thought as if you were delivering a sincere complement.

3.            As you look at that person, think your well-formed positive thought. Staring isn’t appropriate. A glance will suffice.

4.            Keep thinking that thought.  Acknowledge that person with a smile.

There – your packet of Good Vibrations just delivered a random act of kindness.

Feng Shui – Energy In Motion

For more than 3000 years, the Chinese philosophers have observed energy in the ebb and flow of nature. Over time, they witnessed patterns in life, allegorically attributing these recurring themes to members of the animal kingdom and the five elements.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) evolved over the millennia as an energy medicine because it paid attention to the cycles of Nature. Various branches of specialization grew out of the overall study of energy, known as “chi” or “qi.” Feng Shui arose as the awareness of how “qi” moves through our environment and the balance —yin/yang — of this energy.

I believe the flow of energy in our environment supports our overall energetic wellness. All of us live in a sea of energy, constantly interacting with our surroundings. Can the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui help me understand my energetic nature and how to live a more harmonious life? For answers, I interviewed Grace Ho, internationally recognized best-selling author and Feng Shui expert.

When I asked Grace what attracted her to Feng Shui, she professed that at first, she was skeptical. Her background as a science major and USC graduate precluded giving credence to mythical (airy-fairy), unseen energies. Yet, two transformative events, which she details in her book One Minute Feng Shui for Prosperity , propelled her to learn more about the art and science of Feng Shui.

Initially, she discovered three major schools of Feng Shui practice: 1) Black Hat; 2) Form; and 3) Flying Star.

The Black Hat School was named after the hats worn by its originators, the Buddhist monks. In the 1980’s, this traditional school introduced its practices to Westerners, essentially putting the philosophy of Feng Shui on Western radar. Many of the folk beliefs, such as using rock salt for purification, came from the monks. Have you ever watched Oriental wrestlers throwing salt into the corner of the ring? They are applying the principles of the Black Hat School.

The Form School, favored amongst interior designers, sees shapes as specific objects. If you want to attract a specific energy into your life, then you use that form to manifest that energy. For example, to attract money, you would create your space with symbolic representations, i.e. coins, rounded bed headboards, golden tokens, etc. Certain inanimate objects, such as a rock, could be attributed with animal qualities if their form looked like that animal. A dragon shaped rock is deemed to radiate “dragon” essence and therefore attracts corresponding energies.

The third school, Flying Star, is based on the logical assessment of the five elements —water, wood, fire, earth, and metal—the concept of yin and yang, and the relationship between heaven (time), earth (place) and the person. Grace embraces this school’s philosophy as it appealed to her logical, scientific background. Grace’s website banner declares, “Feng Shui is not only moving your furniture around, but Feng Shui is all about shifting your mind.”

Each major school promotes balance and wellness. When I asked Grace about the merits of each school, she used the analogy of a visit to Disneyland. You go to Disneyland to have fun and feel good. The park offers venues with themes that cater to different experiences. The Black Hat School is like Frontier Land as it draws from folk wisdom. The Form School is similar to Fantasy Land, as it imagines correspondences and anthropomorphizes. The Flying Star School is Tomorrow Land as it is based on precise, logical patterns.

According to Grace, Feng Shui is the Chinese Way of Life—a mind-set that assists you to become aware of your life’s purpose and attract what you need to fulfill your purpose. It guides you to listen to your inner intelligence and to discover the best of yourself.

Feng Shui examines your life in two phases — Pre-Heaven, or destiny and Post-Heaven, or Chance. Destiny is all about those elements of your life that you cannot change, i.e. the date and place of your birth, your parents and ancestral heritage. Chance is about the future, i.e. the unlimited choices and potentials you have before you. Depending on your purpose, you decide on what and how to manifest your future.

Perhaps you are born into a musical family. You have the gift of music and sharing it is your purpose. If you honor this energetic signature, you have the potential to express this gift in many ways. It’s your choice. When you live in harmony with your purpose, you also balance love, health and prosperity in your life. This is Grace’s basic Happiness Recipe: Balancing Love, Health and Prosperity.

We met on February 4th, 2014, which Grace said is the Feng Shui first day of the Chinese New Year. I asked about the potential energy of the coming year and its benefit. In the traditional Chinese calendar system of ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches, this is a “Yang Wood Horse” year. The horse, which symbolizes summer’s energy, combined with the strong, unyielding qualities of Yang wood, could be a recipe for stubbornness and conflict. Think of an unbroken, wild stallion combined with the rigidity of the oak tree.

To benefit from this Yang Wood Horse year, Feng Shui advises us to evoke the “qi” of Yin Wood. Yin Wood’s qualities are more yielding, like bamboo or a willow tree. Since the element wood involves action, Grace says it’s the right time to renew friendships and meet other people. When you get to know others on a personal basis, you are open to compromise and reconciliation. Take advantage of every opportunity to interface with people in your community and get to know them. Reach out and touch someone. The potential for conflict this year is diffused if each one of us becomes a grass roots ambassador for understanding.

For more articles on your energy – Qi – and what you can do to transform your energy, check out ChakraCoach.


Check In with Your Chakras – Part Two

Check In with Your Chakras exerciseYELLOW FULLBODY AURA

Find 15 minutes of a quiet, uninterrupted space and time. Set a timer for 15 minutes. You might want to make available a way to record your experiences at the end of the exercise, such as a pad and pencil or audio recorder. Once in your space, close your eyes. This automatically places you in a relaxing, alpha state of brain waves. Take several deep relaxing “belly” breaths.

Starting with the root Chakra, dialogue with this Chakra – ask it to tell you in a minute or less, what it needs from you. Pay attention and be neutral – tell yourself that you will remember its words. Keep an open mind if the Chakra tells you something that doesn’t match your expectations of this Chakra. After the Root Chakra has told you what it needs, thank it, tell it that you love it and appreciate it as part of your energy system.

Dialogue with each Chakra in the following order – Sacral/Solar Plexus/Heart/Throat/3rd Eye/ Crown and repeat the process of asking, paying attention, and expressing gratitude.

When finished with this process, place one hand under your tailbone and the other on top of your head.  It doesn’t matter which hand goes where – do whatever seems comfortable. Imagine there is a figure “8” (infinity sign ∞) that is forming between your two hands. Notice what you notice – thank your Chakras for working together to balance your body, mind, and spirit. When it seems right, remove your hand from this position and enjoy the quiet until your timer goes off. Take a few extra minutes to record your experiences.

Repeat the Check In with Your Chakras exercise frequently. Your seven major Chakras are your team, playing together in your game of life. Get to know your team members and what each needs to optimize their performance.

Check In With Your Chakras – Part One

I receive questions from my website readers about the human energy system – the Chakras. This week, I found the following message in my inbox:

Check in with your chakras

Hi there, I’d like to know if you do hypnosis to help the solar plexus as i have many problems in that area; affecting my stomach and having a 2 year chronic headache – please let me know if you can help.”

How many of you have felt that a specific energy, i.e. one Chakra, was responsible for what ails you?

I responded with the following suggestions and offered the “Check In with Your Chakras” exercise.

First, have you consulted with your health care practitioner about your headaches?  Chronic headaches can manifest from many factors – from unresolved stress to physical problems.  Find a holistic health practitioner who can go over your health history.

Second, what leads you to conclude that the solar plexus is the source of your health issues?

The human energy system is a complex and interdependent system – sometimes challenges in one area arise from either blockages or excess of energy in another area. For example, the energy of the Solar Plexus, your sense of self – worth, isn’t being communicated through the Throat Chakra. Perhaps Root Chakra issues challenge you, such as a feeling of not belonging or instability of home/work that could lead to not expressing your personal power.

The Solar Plexus is all about relationship with your self – i.e. owning your personal power. I like to think of all the Chakras working together as a team. Each team member (Chakra) has a position to play. Each one needs to function at its optimum performance level for the team to be successful. If one member isn’t on their game, the other teammates have to pick up the slack. In this circumstance, the other mates are challenged to play their position as well as cover for their mate.  In doing so, the teammates might make errors in judgment. They may over compensate or burn out.

To an observer, the team’s misfiring’s may seem to emanate from every other player except the member that originally was off his/her game. It can be this way with your Chakras – you may think one of the “players” is problematic yet your challenges may arise from the original player that was off their game.

Are all of your seven major Chakras functioning as a “team?”  Is each team member functioning at his or her optimal performance level?  On a regular basis, you need to check in with all seven of your Chakras.

Stay tuned for the Check In With Your Chakras exercise in Part Two

The Power of Energetic Visualization: “Dissolving” My Kidney Stone

Gerry shares his direct experience with kidney stones, a physical condition that can be very painful. There is no such thing as a sudden onset of a kidney stone – the stone is the result of an imbalance in food consumed over a period of time.

Once Gerry became aware of this stone, he examined his food choices and changed what he consumed. The next step was to dissolve this stone using the power of energetic visualization.

The definition of visualization according to Web Definitions is a “visual image: a mental image that is similar to a visual perception”. Visualization requires the use of imagination. You can visualize an image that is either stationary or moving. The brightness, color, and clarity of the image add to the effectiveness of the visualization. Charging it with positive emotional energy makes the image really come alive. This can be accomplished by envisioning white light descending from the universe and filling the image with positive emotional energy.

The summer of 1988 was hot, dry and sunny. I have always enjoyed this type of weather and the amount of Vitamin D I absorbed while basking in the sun’s warmth. Hot summers are also a time for deliciously cold ice cream and soda pop, which I consumed, in copious amounts.

As the season wore on I experienced twinges of pain in my abdomen. After several weeks these pains became more intense. In early August I visited my doctor to check out this pain. I was diagnosed with a kidney stone the size of a large marble. My doctor installed a tube in my urinary track to hold the stone in place.  The general plan was that I would undergo a lithotripsy procedure. This treatment uses intense vibrations to breakup the stone into pieces so small that they would pass naturally.

The plan of action seemed like a good one except for one problem – I would have wait in line to receive this treatment as there were many other people on the waiting list before me.  After the tube was installed the stone did not bother me excessively.  I was scheduled for the lithotripsy treatment in early January of the following year.

I decided to be proactive and use energetic visualization to reduce the size of the stone. Problems such as kidney stones are actually blessings in disguise because they warn you of serious imbalance in your system. In my case the imbalance was caused by my diet, namely the ice cream and soda pop.  I abstained from both for the remainder of the summer.

I meditated on an image of how I “saw” the stone. I visualized a tan colored lump of sandstone about the size of my thumb. Turning up the brightness and contrast to make my image as clear as possible, I filled the stone full of positive white emotional energy. I meditated on this piece of sandstone, imagining grains of sand falling away from the stone. After an hour of energetic focus, the image of the stone had visibly reduced in size with a small pile of loose sand surrounding it.  I finished my meditation with a request to my unconscious mind to continue peeling away grains of sand from the stone.  Then I put the stone out of my mind and carried on with my life.  Each time I became aware of my condition, I imagined the stone shrinking and became smaller in size.

The months passed and finally my turn came for the lithotripsy treatment. Before the procedure, my doctor did another x-ray of that area to see the size and location of the kidney stone. Upon examining the x-ray, my doctor was amazed to find no trace of the marble size stone that had existed just months before.  Since there was no visual evidence of the kidney stone he removed the tube from my urinary track (with more than a small amount of discomfort I will add!)

That evening I experienced the worst pain of my life.  I needed to urinate but my urinary track was somehow plugged.  After what seemed like an eternity (about 1 hour) I felt something let go and start moving inside me.  I urinated into a cup and finally I passed a small black colored stone less than 1/8” in diameter. I was relieved to say the least!

I took the stone to my next appointment and showed the doctor what had been inside my kidney. He examined the stone, which was too small to appear on the x-ray. He said this type of stone was actually so hard that the lithotripsy treatment would have been ineffective in breaking up the stone.

I certainly believe my visualization had been effective enough to reduce the stone to a manageable size.  I did experience a short period of pain and discomfort. I think the pain was a reminder to watch my diet during the hot weather. Had the stone remained its original size the alternative would have been far worse, as I would have required surgery.  It has been twenty-five years since that summer and I have been free of kidney stones ever since.

Energetic visualization, applied in a positive manner can be a powerful aid to eliminating many diseases, both physical and emotional.  If you don’t like the picture, simply replace it with one you do like!