Chakra Mastery

“Love your book and all the useful information and playercises in it.  I couldn’t put it down once I started and loved trying the playercises for the first time.  Your book was easy to read, well organized with good flow of informations. Many thanks!!” ~ Eric

Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom is a modern metaphor for ancient wisdom—the wisdom imparted by understanding your Human Energy System—your Aura and Chakras.

When you were born, did you come with an owner’s manual? If not then how can you achieve life mastery or even know the Human Energy System?

In Chakra Mastery: 7 Keys to Discover Your Inner Wisdom you will discover:


  • Your Human Energy System (HES)
  • Why your HES is important for your well-being
  • The nature of your Aura
  • The 7 major Chakras and how they benefit you
  • Methods to clear and balance your 7 major chakras

Whit twenty playercises, I map out the Master’s Path, empowering you to discover your Inner Wisdom through the seven major chakras. I hold up the Looking Glass for you, taking you through the steps of Chakra Mastery in a very down-to-earth and practical way. It’s up to you to start the journey. As you begin your adventure through this book, remember you are reading a modern metaphor for ancient wisdom, one that may just lead you down the rabbit hole . . .

Available for purchase in both hard copy and Kindle through Amazon.

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