Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise: Transform Your Life with Colors and Crystal

As a companion to the Chakra Mastery series, Dr. Carolyn guides you through the basics for working with colors and crystals in your Human Energy System—your aura and chakras.

Color_Me_Healthy_Wea_Cover_for_KindleWant to transform your life and not sure where to start? Do you feel at ease in certain places and uncomfortable in others? Are you stuck in your path to wellness? As a spiritual seeker, are you blocked from attaining a higher vibe?

Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise helps you escape that “energetic rut” through the applied knowledge of color and crystals.

Using the profound and practical tools in this book, you will be empowered to transform your life.

Color Me Healthy Wealthy and Wise is available  in hard copy and Kindle via Amazon.

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