Think It->Say It->Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Life

~ A primer for energetic positive self-talk!

“This handy sized book will help you change your way of thinking so that you can proceed with confidence into a more fruitful life. You can change your attitude by simply reading and enjoying the fun “Playercises,” The book does not “talk down” to you, but instead, helps you to use your intelligence to alter your mind to live a better life of achievement. Enjoy! Five stars!” ~ Sandy

Are you living a life of joy and abundance? Are you attracting what you really want out of life?  Think It->Say It->Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Life  is a “DIY Life Coach Play Book, “ a practical guide to being the author of your life.  Dr. Carolyn explains why your thoughts and words create the life that you attract. You will discover:

  • Why affirmations are often ineffective
  • How to communicate effectively with yourself and others
  • What “energy” is and how to use it
  • What the subconscious mind  is and how it effects your life
  • How certain words sabotage your efforts
  • How to use you words to effect positive change

Sixteen fun and easy “Playercises” guide you through the process of using your words to change your life. These Playercises Think It->Say It->Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Lifeassist you to say what you really want and need to hear.  They are tools that help you to take control of your thoughts and words and be what you want to be.  With practice, you can run your life instead of your life running you.  You deserve the life of your dreams.  Here is how you can create that life!

Carolyn White PhD has created her life around solving problems. She has the unique ability to see the big picture and the small details at the same time. Having studied in many disciplines she built a picture of reality that goes beyond the content of those modalities.  She realized that language is the essence of life. What and how you talk to others and yourself is the key to peaceful loving relationships.

Think It->Say It-Be It: Use Your Words to Change Your Life is available from Amazon and all popular eBook formats.



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