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Evidence of “Unseen” Energy

Many of you are aware I’m involved with the Emoto Peace Project. Besides serving on the Board of Directors, I’ve been designing and producing graphics for promotions and the website,, which I created.

I love the work of the late Dr. Emoto. He pioneered water crystal photography, proving to us that our thoughts and words really do affect our environment.  His legacy has inspired many, including me, to carry his message forward—that Love and Gratitude can truly bring peace to our planet and us.

Sometimes, I’ve encountered people who doubt Dr. Emoto’s message applies to them. These individuals have reservations that “unseen” forces, such as thoughts, words, crystals or talismans possess “energy” to influence their lives.

Which brings me to the service Gerry & I provide—aura and chakra photography.  For over ten years, we’ve shown individuals what their human energy field (HEF)—the aura and chakras—looks like. With this amazing tool, we’ve been able to demonstrate how these “unseen” forces impact a client’s HEF.

During classes, presentations, and personal sessions, we’ve shown ways that influence the HEF in both positive and detrimental ways. (Check out our website blog posts for examples of introducing crystals into the HEF as well as various hands-on modalities.)

We’re always excited when we see a modality that consistently and positively impacts the HEF. One such “device,” or disc, is the Living Light Alchemy Designs by Todd Rohisson. Todd creates original geometric energy designs that infuse the HEF with higher vibrations of energy. For more specifics on his energy discs, please visit Todd’s website.

At several metaphysical fairs attended with Todd, we’ve had the privilege of taking “before and after” aura and chakra photos with a client who purchased or later purchased one of Todd’s discs. I’m always amazed at how rapidly the disc transforms the client’s HEF, raising his/her vibration and allowing their energy to flow.


Before aura & chakra photo

A picture is worth a thousand words—this is the “before” picture of a lady who purchased the Solar Harmonic Balancer Disc. Note the graphs in the lower section of the photo. Each color bar represents one of the seven major chakras. The size of each bar represents the chakra’s volume, or energy level.  Most of the chakras have a very low volume. The overall energy levels (upper right hand corner) are uneven and the relaxation level (upper left hand corner) is low. The state of mind body (mid left-hand side) shows some stress. The overall aura size (lower right hand corner) is average.




After introducing an energy disc into HEF

After 15 minutes with Solar Harmonic Balancer Disc in her HEF, the seven chakra graphs are considerably higher in volume, the overall energy levels are more even, and the relaxation level is much greater, along with the overall aura size.  This lady is now showing a more positive state of mind body.

Overall, the “after” aura colors appear more integrated and flowing throughout her HEF. Plus, her core color has shifted to include more green, which indicates greater heart energy. She is now creating a space of openness to grow and transform.

These “before and after” aura and chakra photos reveal the supposed “unseen” effects of energy. Just as Dr. Emoto’s crystals show us the impact of positive thoughts and words on water—both our bodies and Mother Earth are 70% water—an aura and chakra photo demonstrates the influence of positive sources of vibrational energy introduced into our HEF.






Cosmic Awareness Wellness & Intuitive Fair

10 AM – 4 PM Saturday Sept 17, 2016

9101 Steilacoom RD SE ~ Gate House ~ Olympia

Free Admission ~ Door Prizes

Join us for the Cosmic Awareness Wellness & Intuitive Fair. Experience & learn about healing your body, mind & spirit. Explore ways to relax, balance & energize with our professional alternative practitioners.
Schedule sessions and gain insight with our intuitive readers and healers. Sign up for energy or body work. Connect with that special crystal or unique piece of jewelry. Learn more about your body, mind & spirit with books by local authors.

Donations accepted for the  Emoto Peace Project to support the late Dr. Emoto’s vision of distributing his book The Message of Water to children of all ages around the world. I’d love to see a copy of The Message of Water in every school library across the world.

Check out the awesome group participating in the fair.

See you there!


Metaphysical Fair Cove Crystal May 21 2016

Join us at Cove Crystal in Shelton WA this Saturday May 21 for Aura & Chakra Photos. This is an awesome place to explore – many great readers & light workers! Plus crystals and gifts.

Check out their latest offering – a Chakra Balancing System, which is composed of a lighted, heated bed of tumbled quartz crystals and a sound system which plays the sounds of the vibrations of the colors.  The description doesn’t do it justice, just come try it for yourself! We have a special rate for those who want a before and after picture of their Chakra Balancing System experience..

cove crystal May 2016

Galactic Wisdom Conference March 6 2015

We are appearing March 6th and March 8th at the Galactic Wisdom Conference in Gig Harbor WA with our Aura Video Station.

galactic wisdom conference bannerTed Mahr is hosting this non-profit UFO and psychic conference with some of the world’s most famous and interesting UFO and psychic people at the Inn at Gig Harbor in Gig Harbor, Washington from March 6th to 8th, 2015.  I’ve printed his letter below that best details this awesome event.

Speakers at the conference will be: 

(1) famous Michiko Hayashi (Head, Emoto Peace Project) and world famous Dr. Yasu Nemoto (Chief Scientist, Emoto Peace Project) who are flying in from Tokyo, Japan; they will be giving a special workshop on the work of the late Dr. Masuro Emoto; Dr. Emoto was one of the world’s most famous and most spiritual doctors, until he met an untimely death last October;  He is the author of the New York Times’ best selling book, Messages from Water;

(2) Scott Lemriel, author of the best selling book, The Seres Agenda; Scott has had face to face contact with benevolent human ETs for the past 54 years and will be giving a seminar on how to contact benevolent human ETs;

(3) Jerry Wills, a wonderful healer who has been able to heal people of almost any disease by just touching them; Jerry can also remove alien implants – I actually saw him remove alien implants last October at an international UFO Conference in Bergen, Norway;

(4) famous psychic Lois Berman, who is flying in from Boston; Lois has her own very successful psychic TV and radio programs and she is one of the best psychics in North America;

(5) Phoenix Redhawk, a wonderful and nationally well known spiritual healer from Long Island, New York, who will also be flying in for the conference.  The conference is called the “Galactic Wisdom Conference” and it will be held at the Inn at Gig Harbor at 3211 – 56th Street, N.W., Gig Harbor, Washington 98335, telephone:  253-858-1111.

(6) Finally, people will be able to have a private showing of  the academy award winning movie, “The Invocation” on Sunday night, March 8th.  Famous Hollywood film producer Emmanuel Itier has graciously agreed to a free, private showing of his movie, which is considered the world’s most spiritual film!

The  first day of the conference on Friday, March 6th will be FREE, with FREE healing sessions and FREE psychic readings with some of the world’s best psychics from 7 pm to 10 pm.  (Compare this to the cost of psychic readings in Seattle and in Tacoma, where some psychics charge up to $125 and $250 per hour to do readings!)

Also, from 5 pm to 7 pm that day, there will be FREE food.

In addition,  from 2 pm to 4 pm on that Friday (March 6th), I will be broadcasting my “Out of this World” Radio show from the ballroom at the Inn at Gig Harbor, and will then open the conference at 5 pm.   People are welcome to come to the Inn at Gig Harbor to be part of the live audience.

My “Out of this World Radio” show broadcasts from Seattle on KKNW 1150 Am on Friday afternoons from 2 pm to 4 pm.  It is a psychic and UFO show, and it one of the most popular talk shows in Seattle.  It is also the fastest growing UFO and psychic radio program in the world with listeners in over 60 countries!

Also, if people would like to volunteer to help with the conference by doing simple things like providing transportation for the speakers, or perhaps providing a free room or a bed for the speakers, or help with people registering for the conference, they will get admission to the entire three day event for free.

The purpose of the Galactic Wisdom Conference (and my “Out of this World” radio show) is to raise consciousness to make this world a better and happier place.  The event is dedicated to the late Dr. Masuro Emoto (the world’s most famous water scientist and one of the world’s most spiritual men, and author of the New York Times’ best selling book, Messages from Water.

The conference is designed not only to put people in touch with the other side, but also to give them the opportunity to contact UFOs and Extraterrestrials.    People will also be able to meet some of the world’s most famous spiritual healers for FREE healing sessions for any health problem or disease, all free of charge for the first day of the conference on Friday, March 6th, from 7 pm to 10 pm.

It’s a nonprofit conference, and the event is dedicated to the late Dr. Masuro Emoto (the world’s most famous water scientist and one of the world’s most spiritual men, and author of the New York Times’ best selling book, Messages from Water), who unfortunately passed away in October 2014.

Joining me to give the opening speech at the conference on Friday night (March 6th) will be Echan Deravy, who lives in the Japan, who is also flying in for the conference… He was on my show recently; he is one of the world’s best remote viewers and I consider him one of the world’s most fascinating people!!

The first day of the conference on Friday, March 6th is free, and the cost for the other two days on Saturday and Sunday (March 7th and 8th) is $197, with a daily rate of just $97 a day, which includes all free workshops and healing sessions.  Students and low income get a 50 percent discount.

I hope you can do a story on my conference, and you are also very welcome to attend (for free) — Thank you so much for your interest and support!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

With Best Wishes,

Ted Mahr, Organizer, Galactic Wisdom Conference

Invocation to my Students

Let my sense of presence flow from Mother Earth.

Let my wisdom and knowledge flow from Spirit.

Let my words flow from my Heart.

© 2011 Carolyn White, PhD

I composed this invocation in the shower one morning as I was preparing to teach my class in

Aura and Chakra Imaging – 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint.  I wanted to express my energetic objectives in a succinct manner that would set the tone for the class.

When teaching, I like to be present for all of my students.  I am there for them, providing tools for their growth in body, mind, & spirit.  If I am grounded in the presence of Mother Earth, then I connect with Her energies.  She protects us from the harsh environment of the universe & nurtures us, just like I want to provide a safe, nurturing place for my students to learn.

When teaching, it’s really not about me.  My wisdom and knowledge comes from Spirit.  I am a channel for this information and my ego steps aside for the moment.  When I connect with Spirit, the wisdom flows and my students are in tune with this great knowledge.

When teaching, I speak from my heart.  Wisdom and knowledge grow best when delivered with compassion.


Tradition of the Aura and Chakras

 . . .
For centuries, mystics and people with “second sight” have purportedly been able to see and describe an energy field around all living beings. When this energy field is very strong, it is visible to most people, hence the depicting of the halo around pictures of saints and holy souls. Look at the painting of DaVinci’s Virgin of the Rocks- the Madonna, the infant Jesus, and John the Baptist are shown with halos (auras).Da Vinci's Virgin of the Rocks

However, the acknowledgment of the “aura” in mainstream Western culture has been traditionally confined to religious motifs. In Eastern traditions, the aura is a part of their cultural heritage that dates back about 5000 years. Ancient Hindu philosophy teaches that there are subtle sensory organs in the human body, which channel psychic energies and vital force. These “energies” centers, which we refer to as Chakras, are related to the nervous and glandular systems.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means a spinning wheel or disk. In this context, the Chakras are a series of wheel-like vortices that exist in the human energy field. Collectively, the Chakras process our incoming energy; the totality of chakras’ “output” determines the “look of the aura.”

With the advent of the Renaissance, European scholars rediscovered many of the ancient traditions and knowledge of the Orient. Some of the ideas concerning the human energy system influenced esoteric and alchemical traditions, as we see in this illustration of the seven Chakras according to Gichtel, a 17th century German alchemist and mystic. The Chakras according to Gichtel

The awareness of these seven energy centers remained a theme in Western esoteric teachings. In the 19th century, this knowledge went “mainstream” when the Spiritualists popularized Eastern philosophical traditions such as the Chakras. The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875 by Blavatsky, Olcott, and Judge, promoted, amongst other ideas, the awareness of the human energy field.

C.W. Leadbeater, (1847-1934) combined his clairvoyant abilities with scholastic research when he authored The Chakras. In this classic work, Leadbeater recounts his personal observations with the knowledge of the Hindu and Buddhist teachings on this subject. As well, he relates why we need to pay attention to our Chakras in order to maintain our physical, mental, and spirituals bodies.

Edgar Cayce, (1877-1945), the famous American “sleeping” psychic, described the colors of our aura and their influence on our physical body. This information, related in his trance states, assisted the scientific research of doctors for many years.

Jack Schwarz, (1924-2000), naturopath, author, educator, humanitarian, and founder of the Aletheia foundation, shared his natural abilities to see beyond the accepted range of the visible spectrum of light. In the early 70’s, Jack toured several university campuses, teaching two six-week classes about voluntary controls of internal states as well as human energy systems. The latter covered the energetic field surrounding the body – the aura – and provided exercises that promoted our innate abilities to become aware of the aura and interpret what we discovered. Two of Jack’s early books, The Path of Action and Human Energy Systems covered the material of these classes respectively.

Barbara Brennan (1939 -), a former atmospheric physicist with NASA, details in her book Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field how our physical bodies exist within a larger “body, ” a human energy field or aura. In this work, Brennan discusses how the seven major energy centers, the Chakras, relate to this “energy body.”

We create our experience of reality, including health and illness via this energy field. Our most powerful and profound human interactions take place in our aura. According to Brennan, the human energy field is the starting point of all illness as well as the vehicle to heal all physiological and emotional disturbances.

Despite the Hindu and Buddhist literature regarding the Chakras, the observations of respected clairvoyants, and the empirical evidence resulting from such observations, the existence of the Chakras and the human aura, or energy field, was only scientifically “verified” in the 20th century. The science and technologies that permitted us to communicate over vast distances and examine the universe from the infitessimally small to large led to devices that can detect and measure the frequencies emanating from the human energy system.