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Evidence of “Unseen” Energy

Many of you are aware I’m involved with the Emoto Peace Project. Besides serving on the Board of Directors, I’ve been designing and producing graphics for promotions and the website,, which I created.

I love the work of the late Dr. Emoto. He pioneered water crystal photography, proving to us that our thoughts and words really do affect our environment.  His legacy has inspired many, including me, to carry his message forward—that Love and Gratitude can truly bring peace to our planet and us.

Sometimes, I’ve encountered people who doubt Dr. Emoto’s message applies to them. These individuals have reservations that “unseen” forces, such as thoughts, words, crystals or talismans possess “energy” to influence their lives.

Which brings me to the service Gerry & I provide—aura and chakra photography.  For over ten years, we’ve shown individuals what their human energy field (HEF)—the aura and chakras—looks like. With this amazing tool, we’ve been able to demonstrate how these “unseen” forces impact a client’s HEF.

During classes, presentations, and personal sessions, we’ve shown ways that influence the HEF in both positive and detrimental ways. (Check out our website blog posts for examples of introducing crystals into the HEF as well as various hands-on modalities.)

We’re always excited when we see a modality that consistently and positively impacts the HEF. One such “device,” or disc, is the Living Light Alchemy Designs by Todd Rohisson. Todd creates original geometric energy designs that infuse the HEF with higher vibrations of energy. For more specifics on his energy discs, please visit Todd’s website.

At several metaphysical fairs attended with Todd, we’ve had the privilege of taking “before and after” aura and chakra photos with a client who purchased or later purchased one of Todd’s discs. I’m always amazed at how rapidly the disc transforms the client’s HEF, raising his/her vibration and allowing their energy to flow.


Before aura & chakra photo

A picture is worth a thousand words—this is the “before” picture of a lady who purchased the Solar Harmonic Balancer Disc. Note the graphs in the lower section of the photo. Each color bar represents one of the seven major chakras. The size of each bar represents the chakra’s volume, or energy level.  Most of the chakras have a very low volume. The overall energy levels (upper right hand corner) are uneven and the relaxation level (upper left hand corner) is low. The state of mind body (mid left-hand side) shows some stress. The overall aura size (lower right hand corner) is average.




After introducing an energy disc into HEF

After 15 minutes with Solar Harmonic Balancer Disc in her HEF, the seven chakra graphs are considerably higher in volume, the overall energy levels are more even, and the relaxation level is much greater, along with the overall aura size.  This lady is now showing a more positive state of mind body.

Overall, the “after” aura colors appear more integrated and flowing throughout her HEF. Plus, her core color has shifted to include more green, which indicates greater heart energy. She is now creating a space of openness to grow and transform.

These “before and after” aura and chakra photos reveal the supposed “unseen” effects of energy. Just as Dr. Emoto’s crystals show us the impact of positive thoughts and words on water—both our bodies and Mother Earth are 70% water—an aura and chakra photo demonstrates the influence of positive sources of vibrational energy introduced into our HEF.






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Overcoming Muscular Dystrophy Interview with Dr Nancie Barwick

Interview with Dr. Nancie Barwick, who overcame Muscular Dystrophy using the Conklin Method of Energy Therapy. The Conklin Method combines hypnosis, NLP, and energy work. Dr Nancie and Dr. Carolyn talked in the vendor’s room at the International Hypnosis Federation conference at San Pedro, CA, March 2013.

Clearing your Chakras vs. balancing your Chakras

“Clearing your Chakras vs. balancing your Chakras – are they the same?  If not, what is the difference?”

The title of this article is a response to a question I recently received from a reader.  It is an excellent one, especially since these two terms – clearing and balancing – are mentioned in regard to maintaining the health and efficiency of our Chakras.  In order to best understand this question, let us first understand the nature of the Chakras.

We are all made up of energy.  Light is one form of energy.  The physical body is the stepped down energy of light. We are a physical manifestation of gradients of divine light, filtered through a system of interfaces called Chakras by the ancients.

A Chakra serves as the interface point between physical aspects of the body & the subtle, non-physical, non-local, Universal Energy Field (UEF).  Each Chakra acts as a transducer (a transducer converts energy from one type to another), as well as a transceiver, continually receiving and sending energy between the UEF and us.

The system of the Chakras provides a structural blueprint, a conduit for this light energy.  The information contained within is stepped down through the matrix of creation into a physical expression of that energy – our corporeal bodies.  As such, Chakras are what feed us the parameters for this consensual reality.

What our Chakras energetically send back to the UEF passes through and is stored in the Akashic records.  All of our experiences and emotions are recorded in the Akash, which serves as a blueprint for our personal growth and that of humanity.

Each Chakra functions as a tuned and resonant antenna that translates information into manageable frequencies for our body to utilize.  The spin rate is part of the tuning.  The frequency of each Chakra’s “spin” determines which portion of the light is meaningful, i.e. each Chakra responds only to the information to which it is tuned.  This is the premise behind the assignment of specific attributes and responsibilities for each Chakra, i.e. the Root Chakra focuses on survival issues, the Sacral Chakra on creativity, etc.

When, like the radio analogy presented in the article “Oh, No, My Chakras are Closed – is it terminal?”  you have a clear channel to the information coming from the Universal Energy Field, the Chakras function at optimal levels.  Life is good; you are healthy and are living at your fullest potential.

The filters that we develop as a result of our human experience can alter, or distort, the frequency, amplitude and shape of the Chakras.  Holding on to emotionally charged memories of fear, guilt, shame, and hate create energetically dense filters, which can adversely impact our two-way communication between the Chakras and the UEF.

Imagine that our Chakras act like the system of photoelectric cells in a solar panel.  A clear view of the sun’s light produces the maximum voltage output for the panel.  A cloud comes along and casts a shadow on the panel, filtering out a portion of the sun’s light.  The energy output, which is measured in voltage, decreases.  Throw a cover on the panel, and all of the sun’s radiant energy is blocked from the panel; without the sun’s light, the panel cannot produce any energy.

When we talk about “clearing” the Chakras, we are describing the condition where all filters, or obstructions are removed, allowing the Chakras to act as efficient energy conduits.  These filters can involve long standing emotional issues as well as little annoyances that might crop up on a daily basis.  Releasing any emotionally charged negative energies could be effectively accomplished via hypnosis, self-hypnosis, EFT or other energetic modalities.  Essentially, we want to “clear” a path for the unobstructed energy flow between our Chakras and the Universal Energy Field.

Remember I stated that the Chakras both receive and send energy?  Imaging that, if we follow the optimal flow between each Chakra and the UEF, the path traces a figure “8”, the infinity sign.  This pattern is repeated in the optimum exchange of energy between each of the Chakras.  The ancient Vedic texts describe this movement as two channels – the Ida, the yin, negative, cool, left, and feminine current, and Pingla, the yang, positive, warm, right, and masculine current.  Energy constantly flows if no obstructions impede this infinite dance of energy.

When we can maintain a steady flow of this life-force energy, or chi, we achieve symmetry between the incoming and outgoing energies, the right and left side of the body, and the yin and the yang.  This symmetry is what we refer to as “balance.”  When our Chakras are “in balance”, the energy exchange between our systems and the UEF, is stable and constant.  In this state of energetic equilibrium, all channels are effectively communicating.

We must remember that “balance”, in context of our human energy system, our Chakras, is an on-going, continual process and not a static, end result.  Keeping harmony between our Chakras and UEF involves a constant awareness of this energy exchange.  Balance is the principle of action and reaction.  It is being attuned to the continuous changes in energy, the ebb and flow of our communications with the UEF.  To stay “in balance”, we need to tune into the rhythm of life and to keep our mind moving, our body fluid, and our spirit soaring.

Consider our physical lifeblood, which provides constant nutrition for all of our organs as well as cleansing and purifying our body.  From before the time of our birth until our last breath, our blood constantly circulates throughout our body.  A healthy body that maintains a stable, constant level of good health is said to be in a state of homeostasis.  When there is a disturbance of homeostasis, the body incurs a condition called homeostatic imbalance.

If an infection disturbs our health, throwing our body’s system into a homeostatic imbalance, our blood shows a measurable elevated white blood cell level. The efficiency of our blood is compromised as our body’s immune system shores up its defenses in order to fight off the infection and return the body to homeostasis.  When we are “fighting” an infection, we feel “out of balance,” as the circulation of our blood is not performing at peak efficiency.

Illness can also arise if the “highways” of our blood’s circulatory system, the arteries and veins, become restricted through plaque build-up.  Our lifeblood cannot flow evenly and without constriction.  Many health problems arise, such as high blood pressure and it attendant physical challenges. In this situation, the body is “out of balance.”  If a large enough piece of the plaque dislodges from the artery wall, an obstruction of the blood may occur in the form of a stroke.  Depending on the location of the clot, this condition could cause anything from a localized paralysis to death.

Just as we need to keep our blood circulating at peak efficiency for optimal physical health, so we also need to keep the life force energy, chi, circulating between our Chakras and the UEF.  When this energy flow is stable and constant, we attain a psychic balance of our energy systems.

Clearing a Chakra, then, is the process of removing any blocks so the Chakra can receive and send an uninterrupted energy current between the UEF.  Balancing a Chakra involves keeping this exchange of energy moving in an even, steady manner.  In the article posted May 11, 2011, Gerry’s Chakras show that they are “open”, i.e. unblocked, as there is a strong flow indicated for each Chakra.  The look and size of each Chakra indicates that this energy requires synchronizing, which is what he did using EFT.

When first working with the Chakra system, I determine, on a Chakra-by-Chakra basis, if any major blocks need clearing.  Once this is accomplished, I implement an overall balancing of the Chakras, which connects our energetic system with the optimal flow of chi.

On a daily basis, I recommend addressing any issues that may create an energy barrier if not immediately resolved.   As our awareness of our life force energies, or chi, develops, we can constantly make changes and adjustments to keep the current of energy flowing between our Chakras and the UEF.

Using EFT to balance the Chakras – follow up to May 11, 2011 article and video

Thank you all for the interest and comments about our article “Balancing the Chakras Using EFT.”  We have received several excellent questions about this article and in the interest of expanding your inner wisdom here are the answers!
What specific EFT sequence did Gerry use?

When we first examined Gerry’s aura and chakras with the imaging system, we saw that there was a lot of energy flowing.  The initial chakra graphs indicated strength of 80% to 100%.  So, he had a good throughput of energy.  The varying shape of each chakra indicated that, although there was lots of energy, the flow was not focused or congruent.  His power needed to be harnessed so as to put it to good use.  A balanced energy flow occurs when the energy flow through the chakras is moving with focus and rhythm.

Since we wanted Gerry’s healthy energy to flow equally through all his chakras, we concentrated on balancing the seven major chakras at the same time.

Gerry used the EFT setup phrase, while tapping on the karate point, “Even though my chakras are not in balance, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

After this initial setup, he tapped on the standard EFT meridian points on the face, collarbone area, underarm, and top of the head while stating, “my chakras are IN BALANCE.”  This sequence was intended to balance all of the chakras, i.e. get the energy flowing, at the same time.  As demonstrated in the video, this happened quite quickly.

If, when we started out, we saw that the root chakra was low in energy and the overall shape blurred (see Your Chakras/Energy Centers) we would have taken a different approach.  The sequence would address issues specific to the root chakra that resonate with the individual (remember, with EFT it is best to let the person chose their own words!).** Understand that there may need to be specific clearing addressed for a specific chakra or all chakras.

Once the Chakras are balanced with EFT, do they stay balanced?

Please understand that the Chakras are a dynamic system, constantly exchanging information between your energy centers and the universe.  We all need to train ourselves how to recognize 1) the level and quality of our energy flow; 2) if this energy flow is in “balance”; and 3) what we can do to maintain the equilibrium of our energy centers.

Do you brush and floss your teeth at least once a day to keep them pearly white?  If you do, you are being proactive in maintaining the health of your teeth.  Neglect your teeth for a day or two, and you may wind up with halitosis.  Neglect your teeth for a month, and cavities may develop.  Want to keep your Chakras shiny and clean? Maintain your Chakras on a daily basis and you keep your energy field healthy.

Balanced Chakras are healthy Chakras.  Remember that the Chakras express the condition of our body’s “electrical system.”  A fully energized electrical system equals vibrant health.  When equilibrium is achieved, the universal energy, chi/prana, is flowing unimpeded through the meridian system.  In essence, balanced Chakras represent homeostasis.

We need to continually monitor our energy system and respond, when required, by doing what is necessary to maintain this flow.  Keeping this energy flowing is an ongoing life process, just as brushing your teeth regularly. A daily round of EFT tapping is a great way to keep your Chakras “balanced.”

** addendum to article

Please note that this addendum addresses a specific question regarding clearing and balancing the root chakra and is hypothetical.  It does not specifically relate to the look of the aura and chakras in this video.

The root chakra holds the dynamics of several key energetic patterns, including survival, money, health and food issues, as well as grounding and physical stamina.  If, from the overall look of the chakras and aura, we determined that the client is experiencing money challenges, I would talk with the client about his/her current money situation, listening to their words about this challenge.

Using his/her words and phrases (and not mine!), I would then lead the client in an EFT session as follows, using an initial setup, releasing and reframing pattern to clear and balance the chakra:

1)      Initial Setup:  Even though I never have enough money, I deeply and completely accept myself.

2)      Releasing (round of tapping the EFT points and saying):   “never enough money, always in debt, not paid enough, don’t have enough to live on”, etc.

3)      Reframing (round of tapping the EFT points and saying): “I am rich and wealthy in all areas of my life, the Universe is abundant, abundance flows to me easily and effortlessly, I am grounded in my abundance,” etc.

Once we did this work, I would retest again on the Aura photography and Chakra imaging system since I use it in my work. Usually, I suggest that the client perform this specific clearing for at least a week in order to anchor it in their conscious awareness.

Hypnosis is Everything – or How to Levitate a 5 year old

Kennedy at the Vancouver Aquarium entrance

My hypnosis mentor, Shelley Stockwell Nicholas, tells us that hypnosis is everything!  If hypnosis is everything, then it must be useful for solving major life threatening crises as well as every day inconveniences.

Last weekend, our older son was moving his family to a new home.  He asked us to “ride herd” on our granddaughter, Kennedy, age 5 & our 1 ½ year old grandson, Riker, while their parents packed the moving van.  Since rain was in the day’s forecast, we planned an outing to the Vancouver Aquarium.

When we arrived at Stanley Park, it seemed that everyone else in Vancouver had the same rainy day activity planned on this first day of the Victoria Day long weekend.    The closest parking spot was about a 10-minute uphill walk from the entrance; the ticket queue proved to be a half hour wait.  Still, the grandkids were troopers, passing the time with greater patience and poise than many of the adults and other kids in the line-up.

Once in the aquarium, we all had a fun time.  Riker squealed with delight upon his first close encounter with a tankful of  “Nemos.”  Both reveled and romped in the children’s special activity room.

Several hours later we were ready to leave with two happy and exhausted kids.  By now, Vancouver’s liquid sunshine was a more persistent drizzle, so we discussed waiting by the front door while grandpa retrieved the car.  When we emerged from the exit, we discovered that 1) there were no undercover waiting areas outside; 2) there were no loading zones (& no double parking) in front of the building; and 3) we were parked at the other end of a long, one-way loop.

So, we began the long journey back to the car.  Now, Riker was in his stroller, being pushed by grandpa.  I had Kennedy in hand, jumping over puddles.  It soon became obvious that Kennedy’s petite gait was no match for grandpa’s legs and Riker’s wheels.  So, I suggested that they go ahead to the car and get settled in.

Meanwhile, it was obvious that Kennedy’s shoe selection wasn’t optimum for this wet walk, as her slip-ons kept slipping off.  With every third or fourth step, she asked, “When are we going to get there.” She was tired and getting cold.  She looked up at me with eyes that said, “carry me” yet she didn’t ask, as she knew I was physically challenged to do so.

OK, so what do I do?  Here Kennedy was, in a state that was not resourceful for getting back to the car.  How could I put her in touch with that part of her that could make the walk to the car with ease?

Imaging that energy is radiating from the top of the head is a simple performance enhancing technique for athletes, especially runners and jumpers.  If an athlete imagines that energy is pulling them up from their crown, then they have more buoyancy and “lift.”  The inverse energy flow emanating from the feet works for athletes such as wrestlers who need to become attached to the ground in order to maintain their footing.  Since I wanted to give Kennedy a physical “lift”, I decided to play a game.

After stopping to adjust her shoe once again, I asked,” Have you every seen the Pixar movie ‘UP’?”  She nodded that she had.  “Now,” I said, “close your eyes and pretend that there are hundreds of balloons attached to your head – just like the house in ‘UP’ – and you are floating up, up, floating above the ground.  Good  – that’s right – now, let’s float!”

I started singing a little tune – “Up in a balloon, up in a balloon – we are floating right along – Up in our balloon.”  We “floated” at her pace; each time she asked when we would arrive at the car, I suggested that she imagine more balloons attached to her head and pretend that she needed to float higher in order to see the car.  All the while, I interjected my little song (with smiles from longer legged passer-bys!)

Finally, I spied the car.  To make the game complete, I exclaimed, “I see the car – let’s float in for a landing!  Start releasing the balloons!  There’s grandpa, there’s Riker – let’s float in for a landing!”

Yes, we both floated in for a smooth landing, unscathed.  The journey was a pleasant one.

Do crystals help to activate and balance my Chakras?

It depends on a number of factors.

This is a question I’m frequently asked and one that we explore in my class ~ Aura and Chakra Imaging – 7 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Blueprint.  As one of our class activities, the participants play with a variety of crystals while they watch their energy field and Chakras shift.

Over time, we’ve witnessed a gamut of responses.  Sometimes, crystals have little or no impact on the person’s energy field and Chakras.  Sometimes, a crystal acts as a mild “tonic” for the Chakras.  What may produce results for one person does nothing for another.

Occasionally, a crystal introduced into an individual’s energy field will have a dramatic impact, as this video excerpt from one class session demonstrates:

The great spiritual expansion of the Heart Chakra you just witnessed resulted when a 12 sided, double pointed Vogel crystal was held in the right hand of my student.  The intense blue color indicates that a lot of heart energy is pouring forth, expressing a deep spiritual healing.

After a point in time, this energy became so intense that I removed the Vogel crystal from the student’s hand, partially to prevent an overload of the aura and chakra imaging system.  Yes, the person was ready for a replenishment of their spirit.  In this case, the Vogel crystal was probably the tipping point for the catharsis. It was very a profound and healing experience for my student – to know how to activate the heart energy, to become aware of this energy, and to go forth in the world, radiating love and compassion.

Now, I have introduced this same Vogel crystal into other’s energy fields and have observed very little reaction in the field to a nice, consistent balancing of all the Chakras. I have seen the same person using the same crystal on two different occasions with two different results.

Why the inconsistencies?

We are all unique individuals and our Chakras and human energy field (HEF) are dynamic and constantly changing.  Crystals act as a reminder for our Chakras to stay in balance (visit the page on Chakra Wisdom Gemstones for more information on crystals).  When you pay attention to your body, mind, and spirit, you will know if crystal energies would benefit your overall energy balance.  You may need to have a crystal or combination of crystals in your energy field for several minutes, hours, or days.

To quote from Abraham (Hicks):  “It usually takes about 30 days to change a habit. Not because you need 30 days. You could do it in 68 seconds if you could once you did it hold your vibration there, but you have to consciously make that decision.”

Crystals help us hold a desired vibration as well as act as a reminder for our conscious decisions.  Becoming aware of what you need to balance your Chakras develops your inner wisdom.

Is Hypnosis an Energy Therapy? Does Hypnosis alleviate pain?

I’ve had several requests to do a “short form” article that demonstrates how hypnosis helps alleviate pain and discomfort.

Last March 2010, we brought our Aura and Chakra Imaging system to the International Hypnosis Federation Body, Mind, and Spirit Conference, where we did a number of Aura/Chakra images and interpretations.  During this time, I experienced a spell of residual pain from a motor vehicle accident.  In this public venue, a skilled hypnotherapist worked with me for about an hour.  I wanted to see how the session would impact my energy field and Chakras, so I captured a “before” and “after” image of my Aura and Chakras.

Here is the before image of my Aura and Chakras:

Before Aura chakra photo Carolyn IHF 2010

Note that the overall look of the aura is patchy, with a “thinking cap” over the head area, which indicates that I’m more in my headspace and not integrating my thoughts and feelings – sort of like a body-mind disconnect.  My Chakras are not of a uniform size and shape.  Look at the Chakra energy level bar graph underneath my aura image – the energy levels for the root, heart, throat, and crown are quite low.  Even though the solar plexus Chakra has a higher energy output, the larger, almost over blown shape on the body figure indicates that I’m operating more on will power.

Here is the after image.

After Aura chakra photo Carolyn IHF 2010

Now, the Chakras are round and evenly shaped, which shows more harmonious activity.  The Chakra colors are clear, bright, and defined.  All are approximately the same size. The Chakra bar graph now indicates that the energy levels have greatly increased for all Chakras.

Notice that the colors of the Aura are integrated.  My green “thinking cap” has merged with my overall energy field.

Look at the Aura size graph, which is a circular “bull’s eye” style graph at the lower right corner of each image.  In both before and after images, my auric field is equally large.  This means that we can have a fairly radiant energy field whether out of balance or in complete harmony.

Yes, after the session with the hypnotherapist, I felt GREAT!

Hypnosis: Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket

Hypnosis: Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket

Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket

When studying for my DCH (Doctor Clinical Hypnotherapy) degree, I read over 50 different books on hypnosis and related topics.  Some I had to read to pass my course  – others I  found became treasured companions!  Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket by Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD,  has become one of  these treasured companions.  I am reviewing Dr. Shelley’s updated  book, originally published in 1998.

Reviewed by Carolyn White PhD DCH

Stockwell-Nicholas, Shelley Lessin, Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in

Your Pocket.  Rancho Palos Verdes, CA:  Creativity Unlimited Press,  2009.

In my journey of learning about our human mind and consciousness, I have experienced many teachers.  The most fun and enjoyment that I have had is in Shelley Stockwell Nicholas’ hypnosis certification class.  We laugh, love, and, at the end of the day, I am astounded at how much wiser I am!  Dr. Shelley has a no holds barred approach to sharing her experience, knowledge and insights regarding hypnosis while honoring each student’s inner wisdom.  Great teachers share their knowledge; fantastic teachers, like Dr. Shelley, instill their students with the confidence that they, too, can DO IT!

If you are unable to experience Dr. Shelley first hand, her newly revised book, Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket is the next best thing.  Her writing style is engaging and congruent with her teachings.  In her entertaining way, she guides the reader through the art, science, and business of hypnosis with great clarity.  I am amazed at how much practical information is packed into this well organized book.  Shelley presents many “user friendly” techniques for accessing the “wise one” that is within us all.

I recommend Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket to anyone wanting the explore the potential of the mind & consciousness:

For the beginning hypnosis student, this book is a great blueprint for learning and practicing the art of hypnosis;

For those practicing or teaching hypnotherapy, this is a fantastic reference book with many creative & stimulating ideas.

The motto of the International Hypnosis Federation is “Changing the World One Person at a Time!”  When you read Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket, you will transform the world and yourself along the way (and enjoy the journey)!

Hypnosis Smile on Your Face Money in Your Pocket is available for a special price of $30.00, including shipping to the US.  International buyers, please contact for additional shipping.

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button to order your copy today!

Tradition of the Aura and Chakras

 . . .
For centuries, mystics and people with “second sight” have purportedly been able to see and describe an energy field around all living beings. When this energy field is very strong, it is visible to most people, hence the depicting of the halo around pictures of saints and holy souls. Look at the painting of DaVinci’s Virgin of the Rocks- the Madonna, the infant Jesus, and John the Baptist are shown with halos (auras).Da Vinci's Virgin of the Rocks

However, the acknowledgment of the “aura” in mainstream Western culture has been traditionally confined to religious motifs. In Eastern traditions, the aura is a part of their cultural heritage that dates back about 5000 years. Ancient Hindu philosophy teaches that there are subtle sensory organs in the human body, which channel psychic energies and vital force. These “energies” centers, which we refer to as Chakras, are related to the nervous and glandular systems.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means a spinning wheel or disk. In this context, the Chakras are a series of wheel-like vortices that exist in the human energy field. Collectively, the Chakras process our incoming energy; the totality of chakras’ “output” determines the “look of the aura.”

With the advent of the Renaissance, European scholars rediscovered many of the ancient traditions and knowledge of the Orient. Some of the ideas concerning the human energy system influenced esoteric and alchemical traditions, as we see in this illustration of the seven Chakras according to Gichtel, a 17th century German alchemist and mystic. The Chakras according to Gichtel

The awareness of these seven energy centers remained a theme in Western esoteric teachings. In the 19th century, this knowledge went “mainstream” when the Spiritualists popularized Eastern philosophical traditions such as the Chakras. The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875 by Blavatsky, Olcott, and Judge, promoted, amongst other ideas, the awareness of the human energy field.

C.W. Leadbeater, (1847-1934) combined his clairvoyant abilities with scholastic research when he authored The Chakras. In this classic work, Leadbeater recounts his personal observations with the knowledge of the Hindu and Buddhist teachings on this subject. As well, he relates why we need to pay attention to our Chakras in order to maintain our physical, mental, and spirituals bodies.

Edgar Cayce, (1877-1945), the famous American “sleeping” psychic, described the colors of our aura and their influence on our physical body. This information, related in his trance states, assisted the scientific research of doctors for many years.

Jack Schwarz, (1924-2000), naturopath, author, educator, humanitarian, and founder of the Aletheia foundation, shared his natural abilities to see beyond the accepted range of the visible spectrum of light. In the early 70’s, Jack toured several university campuses, teaching two six-week classes about voluntary controls of internal states as well as human energy systems. The latter covered the energetic field surrounding the body – the aura – and provided exercises that promoted our innate abilities to become aware of the aura and interpret what we discovered. Two of Jack’s early books, The Path of Action and Human Energy Systems covered the material of these classes respectively.

Barbara Brennan (1939 -), a former atmospheric physicist with NASA, details in her book Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field how our physical bodies exist within a larger “body, ” a human energy field or aura. In this work, Brennan discusses how the seven major energy centers, the Chakras, relate to this “energy body.”

We create our experience of reality, including health and illness via this energy field. Our most powerful and profound human interactions take place in our aura. According to Brennan, the human energy field is the starting point of all illness as well as the vehicle to heal all physiological and emotional disturbances.

Despite the Hindu and Buddhist literature regarding the Chakras, the observations of respected clairvoyants, and the empirical evidence resulting from such observations, the existence of the Chakras and the human aura, or energy field, was only scientifically “verified” in the 20th century. The science and technologies that permitted us to communicate over vast distances and examine the universe from the infitessimally small to large led to devices that can detect and measure the frequencies emanating from the human energy system.