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NW Psychic Fair March 21 2015

Join us at NW Psychic Spirit and Alternative Health Fairs tomorrow. It’s Lori’s birthday!

Kirkland Venue:Aura at gig Harbor

Saturday March 21 2015             10 AM to 5 PM

Saturday April 18 2015               10 AM to 5 PM


Baymont Inn – Totem Lake

12223 NE 116th, Kirkland WA 98034

Lori, the founder of the NW Psychic Spirit and Alternative Health Fairs,  is celebrating 87 years of her Earthwalk. Please stop by and meet the very talented and “in tune” readers. Talk to us about doing a special before and after aura photo and chakra imaging.

Oh no, my chakras are closed – is it terminal??

Sometimes, I’ve heard energy workers describe a Chakra as being “closed.”  Since words paint a picture or tell a story, their meaning is relevant to the eye (or ear) of the beholder.

During my work with aura photography and chakra imaging, I’ve encountered individuals who nervously relate, “X told me that my root Chakra is closed! Oh, no, how can I ever get it open again?”

To some, “closed” holds a very final connotation, such as “the business closed its doors for good” i.e. “terminated.”

I realize that, when an energy worker states that a person’s Chakra(s) are closed, they are attempting to use the verb “to close” in an intransitive state, such as “the door closed.” This implies that the door, (being a door and possessing all of its door-like movements) could be opened again.  For the grammatically challenged, though, hearing the word “closed”, regardless of sentence syntax, evokes thoughts and images of termination!

“Rest assured,” I comfort my client, while respecting their model of the world, “if any one of your Chakras were truly ‘closed’, you and I would not be sitting here having this conversation.  Rather, here’s a more resourceful way to think about your Chakras and their current energy state.

Pretend that you have an AM car radio – one that has knobs to dial in the stations.  This is referred to as analog tuning.  Now, would you agree that, within your current area, there are many radio stations all broadcasting a unique signal?  For this analogy, let’s imagine that all stations are broadcasting at the same signal strength.

How do you listen to one specific station?  Yes, you turn the radio’s knob to the specific number, or frequency, on the radio dial.  The FCC has certain rules defining the frequencies used by a station in a given area so that their broadcasts are clear and don’t overlap.  (This is called Bandwidth.)

Now, what happens when you turn the dial slightly, say up from the station’s number on the dial?  Yes, the broadcast starts to get fuzzy – the farther away from the number you turn, the more static in the broadcast!  If you turn the dial far enough, you may lose the station’s broadcast all together!  You have de-tuned into the station!  You can’t hear the station, yet the radio is still on and the radio station is still broadcasting its signal!

Your major Chakras are like the numbers on the dial of your radio, only there are seven ‘stations.’  Each Chakra is tuned into a specific ‘bandwidth’ of Universal energy. Each Chakra acts as a receiver (and sender) of the information that is broadcast on a specific range of frequencies; like our local radio stations, Universal energy continually broadcasts all signals, all stations- 24/7.

So, when a Chakra is operating at peak efficiency, it is like you have turned your dial to precisely the number on the radio that receives a clear, strong signal from that station.  If your chakra is not functioning at its optimum, it is as if you moved the dial, interjecting static into the broadcast message.  A Chakra that is barely functioning is like a radio station that is de-tuned.  Your Chakra is still there, the universe is still broadcasting on all frequencies.  It’s just that you cannot ‘hear’ the message.”

“Wow,” exclaims my client, “you mean that I can regulate my energy centers, the Chakras, just by dialing up and tuning into the Universal Energy Broadcast Service?”

“Yes,” I smile, “you can dial it up whenever you need.”

“Do I have to have seven different car radios?”

“If that helps,” says I, “ and you will find, when all seven of your car radios are precisely tuned to each respective Chakra, you will hear a beautiful symphony ~ one that is uniquely yours.”

Is Massage Therapy an Energy Therapy? Does Massage Therapy Improve Your Energy Level?

At one of our recent appearances at a Body, Mind, Spirit fair, we offered to take “before” and “after” Aura Photos and Chakra Images for several energy workers, including one massage therapist.

One of the massage therapist’s clients, a Mr. J, was recovering from soft tissue trauma in his upper body due to a motorcycle accident.  In his late 50’s, Mr. J reported significant discomfort and pain during his “before” aura photo and chakra image session.

Here is Mr. J’s Chakra level bar graph for the “before” session, which we have permission to post:

Mr J's Chakra Enegy Level Graphs Before massage therapyThe overall look and energy output of the aura is determined by chakra activity.  So, the energy levels of each chakra, combined, provide a good indicator of our overall energetic (& physical) health.  In this “before” Chakra graph, we see the energy quite depleted in both the root and crown Chakras (I refer to this as a “burning the candle at both ends” energy signature).  As well, the sacral and throat Chakras display a low energy level.

After a half hour session with the massage therapist, Mr. J returned for his “after” aura photo and chakra image.  Besides stating that he felt better, it was apparent that the massage therapy session significantly improved the energy levels of each Chakra.

Mr J's Chakra Enegy Level Graphs After massage therapyWe now observe that the root, sacral, throat and crown have tripled in their energy output.  The solar plexus and 3rd eye are now operating at 100%!

When our seven major Chakras are operating at peak efficiency, energy easily flows through our meridian system.  When our life force energy is flowing to all parts of our body, the body is in a better position to repair and heal itself.  In traditional Chinese medicine, a balanced, unobstructed, energy flow through our meridians enables our body to maintain homeostasis.

The Key to Unlocking Your Energy Blueprint of Self-Worth – Part Two

Hand Movements

Basically, I use a light trance state and directed hand movements over the area of the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, paired with positive affirmations, which address the leading issues with the person’s self-esteem (or lack thereof).  For example, “I am a powerful and creative goddess, I create positive thoughts about my life, and others listen to what I have to say.”  I instruct the individual to rotate their right hand in a clockwise manner, about 2” to 3” above their body, over an area centered on their navel. This activates the primary energies of both the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras and assists in balancing them. Using the Aura/Chakra imaging system, I have seen some dramatic and positive shifts occur using this method.

I instruct the person to use these hand movements & affirmation throughout their day, especially when that self-doubting pit returns to their gut!  Repetition of this movement, paired with affirmations, build and reinforce the positive, resourceful, attributes of these two Chakras.

Chakra Mudras

To the Western mind, a mudra is regarded as a specific hand and finger position, often coupled with the practice of various forms of yoga.

In ancient Hindu writings, a mudra is considered a “seal” – in other words, it confirms and completes, such as a seal is affixed to the back of an envelop when the contents are inserted and the flap is closed down.  When you “seal” a deal, the cycle, or circuit, is complete.

Gertrud Hirschi, in her book Mudras-Yoga in Your Hands, uses the metaphor of a lock to explain mudras as something that conceals that which is unknown. The paradox is that this lock also contains the key to unlock those mysteries.

The hands play an important role in communicating our thoughts, feelings, and intentions.  Compared to other parts of the body, the human hand has a relatively large representation in both the sensory (~ 25%) and motor (~30%) sections of the brain’s cerebral cortex.  Your hands can perceive and process volumes of information to and from the brain, as well as the myriad of thoughts and feelings emanating from the brain’s activities.  The sages of Eastern thought were probably aware of this connection, i.e. how specific hand postures could regulate your thoughts and feelings.  Just as a healthy body laugh produces “feel good” endorphins, so a mudra stimulates “feel good” energy.

So, how do specific hand and finger positions affect your Chakras?  There are three major aspects of your body’s energy system:

1)      Biofield:  Traditionally referred to as the aura, which is generated by ->

2)      Centers:    The Chakras, which regulate the flow of chi, or energy through the ->

3)      Pathways:  the Meridians

All of the energy meridians that flow throughout your body also run through your hands and fingers.  According to the principles of Hand Reflexology, your hands and fingers are microcosms of your body.   When you form a specific mudra with your hands and fingers, you, in essence, are activating circuitry that connects you with the wisdom of that Chakra.  You are holding your hands in a posture that expresses confidence, balance, and other positive emotions associated with a Chakra.

A mudra can also be thought of as an “anchor” that captures a desired state.  When presenting positive affirmations, and the individual is in the desired state, I instruct them in how to position their fingers for the Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra:  With each hand, place the tip of the thumb on the tip of the index and the ring fingers.  Depending on the situation, I often demonstrate how to do this at the beginning of the session.  They are instructed that, every time they want to have “this feeling of inner power and wisdom”, “this experience of self-worth”, “this image of personal power”, “listening to personal wisdom”, etc. they form the mudra associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Not only is this a great anchor, it also reconnects their inner wisdom with their energetic blueprint!

The Key to Unlocking Your Energy Blueprint of Self-Worth Part One

“It shames the average man to be valued below his own estimate of his worth.”
Mark Twain – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

The root of many modern emotional problems arises from a less than magnificent opinion of yourself – Low Self-Esteem.  Low Self Esteem resides as a core issue for self-destructive habits that run the gamut from shyness, relationship issues, overeating, and drug abuse.

To overcome low self-esteem, you may work with various methods to bolster the estimate of your worth.  Affirmations and general positive self-talk all contribute to building a positive self­-image.  This work may or may not hold when you encounter a blunt comment or an incident that you perceive is 1) directed towards you and 2) values you below the estimate of your own worth.  Shame emerges, with its emotional baggage to lower your opinion of self down a few notches.

So, how do you arrest this tendency and armor yourself against these assaults that impugn your value?  You can affirm the brilliance your self worth in the privacy of your own domain. What can you do to lock this work, to “diamond coat” your self-esteem?

Everything in the Universe is energy – the frequency of the vibratory rate determines the “form” the energy assumes.  You are “coalesced” energy, appearing in the form of a human body that creates thoughts and feelings.  The 7 major Chakras are the energetic “blueprint” for your body. Essentially, you are spiritualized matter, prisms for the divine living light.

Since you are “energy manifest,” it makes sense to work with your energetic blueprint to 1) promote a healthy, dynamic image of yourself; 2) provide a method to maintain this healthy sense of self; and 3) be centered in your own personal power.

When working with the human energy system, the Chakras, and aura, I have found that a healthy self-esteem results from a process that empowers you to have a “feel good” opinion of yourself.  Hypnosis is a key to this practice, as it promotes the physiological slowing down of the brainwaves to the alpha, theta, or delta frequencies. Any affirmations or positive self-talk made in this state of mind becomes more effective in re-wiring your neurology to accept the “new” self-image.

Understanding your energetic blueprint is another key component to the journey of embracing one’s self-worth.  The point of power for self-esteem is the Solar Plexus Chakra.  This 3rd Chakra embodies the archetype of who you are in the universe – your uniqueness as well as your interconnectedness.  This Chakra, which influences the area on your body between the navel and solar plexus, was the attachment point to your birth mother via the umbilical chord. Contained within the 3rd Chakra energy are the dynamics of your relationship with self, your identity and power, your personal value and thoughts, confidence, and your image of self.  Shame suppresses this Chakra’s ability to function in a balanced and supportive manner.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is a mental Chakra and its healthy functioning is directly linked to your emotional life. Your mind, with your thoughts, regulates your emotional life.  How you think of your emotions frames them in a way that defines your reality and experiences.  The mind, then, is really the originator of your emotions.  Yet, sometimes, it takes an emotional experience to change a thought and imprint it.

Often, you look outside of yourself for validation of “self.”  You might look to other relationships – family, friends, and lovers – to affirm your “right to be here.”  Through an emotional imprint, you might perceive that these relationships serve as your “correctness” compass.  The Sacral Chakra, or 2nd Chakra, expresses this energy of how you relate to others on an emotional level. As well, the energetic blueprint of this 2nd Chakra contains the dynamics of your creativity, sexuality, and the giving and receiving of spiritual, mental, and physical pleasure.

Energetically, a lack of self-esteem can occur when the “wires” are crossed between the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Sacral Chakra.  In this scenario, you do not differentiate between your relationships with others vs. your relationship with self.  You look to others to validate self, and, in the process, give away your personal power.  This leads to an unhealthy relationship with “self” and an eroded self-worth.  When this energetic condition occurs behaviors manifest that range from self-destructive conduct to wanting to over-control all aspects of your life, including the actions of others.

I’ve simplified this, as there can be other dynamics involved as well.  So, how can you tap into your innate energy blueprint to access your inner and universal wisdom?  In Part Two, I offer a few techniques that I’ve used, which have had a demonstrable effect on the human energy field and the Chakras.


Message from Matthias

For many years, I have received messages from a spirit calling himself “Matthias.”  I have learned that these messages are what many refer to as channelings. Matthias said that he walked with Jesus and has related details of this time in history.

Matthias prompted me to post certain of his messages to me on the internet (“alert a greater group”). I promised him that I would and am now honoring this pledge. This message addresses the 2012 question and Earth changes ahead.

May 14, 2010. This is Matthias, sending messages to Carolyn.  The discomfort in her neck is due to this information entering the crown area, hence the tingling, stitchy feeling around that area directly above where the spine holds the skull.  This is creating extra pressure on the neck area, exacerbating the neck injury.

There are more people on this blue planet than the accumulated total of our “known” history.   We are presumptuous to think that there have only been one spat of humanity here.  There have been others and this is not the message today.

Many say that all of these souls have chosen to be here at this time to witness what is called the “end of the Earth” as we know it.  People are fascinated with the tug of the sensational, the fighting, the violence.  This is part of the human nature due to the suppressed knowledge that humankind has indeed endured many “tragedies” and catastrophes.  These are only deemed such when viewed from the 3-D perspective.

Then I digress.  This is NOT the true purpose for the many bodies upon planet Earth at this point of the unfoldment.  Here is the purpose:

The system of the helios and the planets that you call the solar system at the present, are entering a very rough patch of the cosmos.  You have just begun to think of brotherhood and that which is beyond your borders.  The ancients, such as the ones called the Maya, are aware that our rock is to the universe as a virus is to your body.  The cosmos is like a vast sea, with many currents, debris, and hazards – this solar system is traveling through this vast sea and is about to encounter VERY turbulent weather, to sort of speak.

Now, the Mayan, along with many of the other ancients, knew of the vastness of the universe.  Their calendar set forth, like the tide tables, periods when our solar system would be in certain “rough” patches of the universe.  Their calendar set forth completion cycles when these times occurred, just like the tide tables are predictions when the water in the oceans rise at a certain level.

By the way, this thing with time is misconstrued.  (?- this part came more as images)

So, mother Earth and the rest of the solar system is traversing an area of rough water, to speak, that has the potential for disrupting and transforming life as is currently experienced on the planet.   You have seen examples of this “jarring” of the solar system recently – vulnerable area of the planet have experienced violent earth shakings, weather extremes, electromagnetic disruptions.  These will continue and become more numerous.

There are two opposing camps discussing the “cause” of these conditions – both are “right” for all the wrong reasons.  The Earth, as are the other bodies in this solar system is experiencing “global warming”.  So, yes, those that affirm that this is a “natural” phase for the earth are correct.  “Climate Change” as it is proffered, cannot be fought, as this is part of a cycle.  Fighting this ignores the 7 Hermetic principles.

Yet thinking that one is “right” does not give the excuse to ignore the delicacies of the planet that is home to 3-D life.  At this time, there are many stresses being placed on the solar system, of which the earth is an integral part.

Like a ship traversing rough and stormy seas, earth is encountering many stresses on this voyage through this rough patch of the universe.  Her rigging is strained and the hull is being subjected to pounding.  Would you not do as much as possible to keep your vessel afloat?  Would you put additional stress on your means of survival?  Mother Gaia needs tender loving care now, not abuse.  Each chemical, each drill, each extraneous electrical magnetic radiation has the potential of being a tipping point.  This that you call the “green” movement needs to be heeded to preserve the fragile environment for the rough ride ahead.  The “greenies”, though, must realize that joining in this who/what caused what battle does not serve the mother only brings more tension.  End the blame game. The greenies can serve the mother best by tending to her wounds and preserving her energy.  .

Which brings this thought back to the great numbers of population currently on Earth.   Humans in the 3-D have the ability to vibrate.  Review again those principles that are referred to as the 7 Hermetic principles. The great numbers of humans on the Earth at this time, if tuned into the needed frequency, have the potential for creating an energy  “shield” that would reinforce mother Earth’s ability to pass through this rough patch in the cosmos.  These great numbers are required for the magnitude of the task at hand.   What is needed is the unity of a vibration, of what is called “enlightenment.”

Anytime though when any humans strive to “unify”, there is a predisposition to “control.”   Religions and political parties arise from this altruistic desire to improve and uplift.  Those participating in this desire forget the true measure of human consciousness, the human heart, and connecting with this unity.  When this inner wisdom is ignored, then humans give their power away to leaders that deflect the focus from what is really required.  False prophets lead humans away from amplifying the energy of the human heart.

The Role that Forgiveness Plays in Health and Healing

” . . . and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us . . .” How many times have we, who have grown up in the Christian tradition, recited these words from the Lord’s Prayer?

How often do we stop and contemplate what it really means, “to forgive” or consider the ramifications if we do not forgive. To some, these words are only words, said by rote, without any substance. To others, forgiveness is conditional on their judgment of another’s actions. Since forgiveness is often interwoven in religious dogma, those who have been or are alienated from the church avoid it.

What is the definition of “to forgive”, the root of the word forgiveness? For starters, it is a verb, which implies action. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines this verb as “to give up resentment against or the desire to punish; excuse.” If we follow the meaning of “to excuse”, we come up with “to release from an obligation; to permit to leave; to liberate.”

In Roget’s Super Thesaurus, our current vernacular offers “wipe the slate clean, let off the hook, and let bygones be bygones” as synonyms for “to forgive.”

Forgiveness, then, is a process of releasing our hold on past emotions, thoughts, and deeds. If these emotions are negative and full of resentment, we are, in essence, trading pain for peace. In this process, there is an inherent catharsis – in the release, there is liberation. Samuel Clemens so appropriately summed up forgiveness as “The fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

What is the importance of forgiveness – is there anything to this beyond its religious implications?

For starters, modern medicine has proven that forgiveness plays an important role in our health. The Simontons’, in their ground-breaking cancer research, (Getting Well Again) have demonstrated that an individual who harbors resentment towards another increases their stress level each time they recall the source of their resentment. When the individual recalls the event, they “relive” that moment, reviving all the emotions and feelings surrounding this event.

Chronic stress places an unnecessary strain on the human body, releasing excess adrenalin and placing the biochemical system in a state of imbalance.

Often, individuals direct anger or blame towards another person, perhaps feeling that the “other” is responsible for a certain wrong, i.e. a boss overlooked a person for a promotion. Or, the individual may have responded to a situation in an unsatisfactory manner.

These initial incidents probably involve stress; however, if the stress is not discharged and the individual holds onto the negative emotions associated with these past occurrences, resentment develops. Each time the person replays the scenario, they experience the same stress originally felt with the past experience. Resentment is a “long-term re-stressing process.”

As the Simontons’ discovered, stress has a direct, debilitating effect on the immune system. If the past wrong is not released, or forgiven, the individual continues to bombard his limbic system with tension and stress, further depressing the body’s defenses. If the immune system is sufficiently weakened, serious illnesses, such as cancer, can develop.

It is therefore important to let go of grudges and make peace, if not directly with the other individual, at least with the memory. If you hold a negative internal representation of another then you are affecting your own internal processes and emotions. The release of guilt is in alignment with one of the prime directives of the Subconscious Mind: Since the Subconscious Mind is a highly moral being, if it thinks it needs to be punished it will create disease. Therefore, a regular purging of guilt via forgiveness promotes the health of the body and the mind.

Often, forgiveness may appear to be a very difficult thing to do, even though it may benefit both physically and mentally. It is easier to say that the “other” is bad rather than to clear up that part of you that feels bad. Blame, guilt, and self-hatred are all symptoms of unreleased anger towards others and one’s self. Another barrier to forgiveness is the belief that what we did was so special that it is unforgivable. What we must realize is that when we forgive, we are forgiving the person, whether it is another or ourselves; we are not condoning the actions involved.

When we continue to engage in resentment, it is as if we are playing tug-of-war with what was. The past holds one end of the rope and we are pulling on the other end in the present. As soon as we let go of our end of the rope, all tension disappears.

Forgiveness works in the same manner – as soon as we forgive, we immediately release all tensions, guilt, hurt, and negativity. In essence, we have transformed the past, as forgiveness is the great release from time. When we forgive, what was disappears.

When there is unwillingness to forgive, memories are kept alive that no longer exist. These memories act, then, as punishment for something that is not real.

Essentially, it is the ego that wants us to feel separate from our true selves, as punishment is a form of separation and judgment. Perhaps we need to find out if there is a part of us is willing to forgive – if there is some part that is willing to release the past, then that part can be cultivated. Often, through hypnosis or self-hypnosis, we can rescript the past by imagining a different response and outcome to that situation.

One of the best exercises we can perform is ”Forgiveness – Free Yourself Now” exercise: “Ho’oponopono” is a Huna technique of letting go of personal history and releasing emotions specifically. The Hawaiian Kahunas, or priests, used it for Hawaiian family therapy. “Ho’oponopono” literally means, “To make right times two.” This ancient Huna technique offers a paradigm for contemporary therapy as it addresses the release of guilt in a powerful and effective way. It is also an active way to forgive others without condoning their actions.

The Kahunas believed that everything is connected via “Aka” chords, which transcend space & time. “Aka” connections are created either by the touching of someone or created mentally, i.e. by thinking about someone. An “aka” connection is like a radio wave length of electricity flowing in a circuit between sender and receiver.

When we interact with people, we automatically create connections. Sometimes these connections are empowering; more often, these connections create a circuit of energy that does not support our personal magnificence. For example, one of the strongest connections we may have is with our parents, whether they are alive or not. We might feel guilty because we did not follow the career path that our parents chose. By holding onto this guilt, we form an image of ourselves as being a disappointment to our parents. If this image is less than favorable, it affects our neurology and holds back our magnificence.

It follows that what is inside of our selves will effect the way we behave. Thinking about the part of you that’s your mother will usually elicit behavior similar to your mother, whether that is nurturing or counterproductive. An interesting concept that explains this phenomenon is that, in quantum physics, reality is non-local. Like frequencies will attract to like frequencies at a quantum level.

So, if we hold onto grudges and guilt, blaming others for our misfortunes, we cannot be totally magnificent and we tend to attract similar feelings. For we cannot be totally magnificent unless images we have of others are totally magnificent. This follows the Hermetic Law of Correspondence – if we heal self, we also heal the universe.

The process of Ho’oponopono focuses around “cutting” these aka connections in a gentle, healing, and forgiving way. By “making right times two”, we are releasing our “less than magnificent” image of our self along with the image of the person(s) who originally evoked this image.

The guided imagery exercise:

Find yourself a quite, comfortable place to sit or lie down. Ensure that this is your time, free of interruptions. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes of quality time. Close your eyes and take several deep, cleansing breaths.

Once you are completely relaxed, imagine a stage like one that is in a theater. Invite all people, living or deceased, that you feel “connected to”, onto this stage. As each person steps onto this stage, you mentally ask him or her “will you support my magnificence 100%?” Look for congruency in their answer. If the response is yes, then thank them and let them exit the stage; if their answer is no, then healing is required.

To heal and release, ask the ones that answered “no” to remain on stage. At this point, invite a white light that is the “infinite source of Love and Healing” to envelop all of those on stage. State that your intention is to ask for forgiveness. Imagine the many “aka” chords radiating out from your solar plexus and head; Imagine that your body is surrounded by four laser like blades of silver white light. Imagine that these four laser like blades of silver white light are rotating counter-clockwise. Now, “cut” the Aka connections with each one on the stage with the image of four large blades of silver white light that surround your body. (This aspect of the process frees you from obligations and connections. These connections are cut to heal a reference point i.e. image you have of any abuse or a nagging parent, disloyal friend, etc.) As the connections are cut, send all on the stage into the white light that is the “infinite source of Love and Healing”.

When you feel that the healing is completed, usually when only the white light is present and the stage is empty, gently return to awareness of the room. A nightly forgiveness and releasement using the Ho’oponopono process can help do regular house cleaning before any negative thoughts take hold.

As the Course in Miracles teaches, “There can be no form of suffering that fails to hide an unforgiving thought, nor can there be a form of pain forgiveness cannot heal.” So, we can see how important it is to release and forgive, as the seeds of unforgiving thoughts can grow into major problems. Yet we have the tools to prune back this growth, even to transform the very nature of the original seed thought. All it requires is a willingness to forgive.

Evidence that hypnosis and energy therapies assist in alleviating pain and discomfort.

Last March 2010, we brought our Aura and Chakra Imaging system to the International Hypnosis Federation Body, Mind, and Spirit Conference, where we did a number of Aura/Chakra images and interpretations.

During this time, I experienced a spell of residual pain from a motor vehicle accident. In this public venue, a skilled hypno and energy therapist worked with me for about an hour. I wanted to see how the session would impact my energy field and Chakras, so I captured a “before” and “after” image of my Aura and Chakras.

Here is the video of my experience: link