How to See Auras

BLUE FULLBODY AURAIf you have experienced our Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging, you are aware of the human energy field, the aura.   Everything on Earth has an energy field – animals, plants, fish, even rocks and crystals.

You can learn to “see” and become aware of the aura in this one day class.

Classes held in Lacey  (Olympia) WA  – Please contact for latest schedule 

In How to See Auras, we will examine:

  •  What is an Aura?
  • How our eyes really “see”
  • Methods for experiencing the aura
  • Exercises for improving our Outer Vision
  • Exercises for improving our Inner Vision
  • The Language of Color
  • The Art of Interpreting the Colors

After a day of instruction, you will be able to:

  • Experience Your Aura and Energy Flow
  • “See”, in your own unique style, auras
  • Interpret aura colors for health and life benefits

We will be using the Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging System to help us study and become aware of the aura.

Bonus – at the end of the class, each student receives an individual Aura Photo and Chakra Image, a $44 value.

A light vegetarian lunch is served during the class.

Investment $97.00
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

$25 Deposit, Balance of $75 due day of class
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


Upon registration, you will receive directions with your confirmation. All class fees are transferable only.

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