Kathleen Tougher Greco ‘aka’ Auriel Rose

_Auriel RoseCeremonialist; Catholic, Christian, Pagan, (Auriel has performed as the Bard for the Druids at Sunrise for Spring  Equinox on Glastonbury Tor as well as singing the “Ave Maria” in a  Cathedral dedicated to Mary Magdalene in Southern France),
Celebration Artist and  Master Costumer in the International Costumers Guild.
As the steward of a 126-acre sanctuary and the Lightbrarian of 15  tons of Giant Museum Quality Crystals, Auriel has created Dragons’ Gate Gardens Wellness  Retreat Center.  Her unique technique, a combination of Sound healing and  working with her Crystal Grid Table enables Auriel to assist others in reaching a deeper understanding of crystal consciousness and how beneficial that can be to our bodies and souls.  Understanding the ancient crystal work is vital due to the different energies we must deal with
today.   Learn more at www.dragonsgategardens.com
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