Angela Rueber-Jovita Canyon Trading Co.

angela showcase.jpgThe messages I receive come, in part, from gemstones, crystals and beads that have come to me in my travels. I clear and bless them as I receive them and while preparing the pieces for their designs. This allows the new holder enhanced healing and spiritual benefits from the properties of their new pieces. The unique properties and energies of gemstones and metals may help you with healing and with receiving valuable messages to enhance your life. My selections of pieces come from all over the world. Select stones and sage are placed in chakra pouches for your use to be worn or carried. Additionally, I carry old trade beads as I come across them as well as sage and incense for ceremony. When you schedule a reading, we discover what attracts you and how it may help you. As you focus on what you need we can also discover which selections are beneficial for you and why. I am always finding new and different pieces for my clients. I am thankful for all of the pieces as I know I am to care for them until they go to their new homes. I am a vendor, reader and Reiki Master.

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