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Carol-Urania Montoya is an intuitive artist and teacher, who has lived among indigenous peoples in some of the most sacred places of Alaska, California, and New Mexico, learning ancient wisdom held by the land and its people, which has been passed down for many generations. In her offerings, she focuses on a person’s spiritual nature through experiential sharing. Her work in areas that are nonphysical such as the mind, the thoughts, the emotions as well as the astral dimension, brings a relatable understanding to what is beyond the veil.

During the fair, Carol will be offering:

Astology Readings

Carol Montoya will be offering $30 mini readings. Do you want to understand your cosmic blueprint and how you relate to your world? Do you need clarity of timing on current and future decisions? Let Carol show you what she intuitively seees in your chart to help you master your life. Carol has been practicing astrology since 1996. Carol will also be taking appointments for full readings and speciality readings during the Fair.

Personalized Astrology Chart Intuitive Paintings:

Carol Montoya offers her artistic and intuitive talents to paint individual astrologic mandalas – watercolor painting, based on your horoscope, depicting your own unique energetic expression that are meant to inspirte. Place a commissioned order at the Fair and see your life created in vivid watercolor.

Astro cht paint flyer 3:2016Offerings Sharing of Wisdom: Lectures and Presentations

As part of her own journey, Carol has been guided to share her knowledge and talent as an intuitive and spiritual healer with all of those who wish to elevate their conscious awareness, as well as seek to fulfill their personal destiny at this time of powerful change on the planet. Her offerings have been well received and give valuable insight to self understanding and healing. Carol can offer a sharing on a different topic weekly, monthly or a one-time special event. Most topics are created to benefit your own soul unfoldment and expand your spiritual tool chest. These offerings are designed to give you or your group an added resource for your personal

Carol Montoya

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