Carolyn Kaufman

carolyn-kaufmanCarolyn Kaufman will be offering Intuitive Life Coaching/Healing mini sessions and will be sharing the whole food nutrition of  Juice Plus.  www.TheLaybrinthofLife.comic-awareness-fair/

Carolyn assists people to perceive their experiences in new ways, to learn how to understand the messages that are being shared all around and through their bodies and how everything connects.  She teaches simple, yet effective tools (affirmations, intention setting, breathing, grounding, energy tools, nutrition, mind-body-connection etc) and shares simple steps that they can take to assist them through their transitions.

Carolyn loves to assist people in moving through judgement and into a place of compassion where they can realize that there is value in everything and everyone.  This also assists them in letting go of what no longer serves them and open themselves up to the new unlimited possibilities and ultimately a life of freedom and joy!

Carolyn is an intuitive healer and counselor and the founder of The Labyrinth of Life, Free 2 B ME 4Ever, The Children of Today, and Rainbow Touch Healing.  She was the Youth Area Coordinator for H20 United by Love 2009, and Leaders Causing Leaders 2010.  Dr. Masaru Emoto participated in the 2009 conference, and Carolyn has been big supporter of his work since then. She is the author of “Free to B ME, Under the Sea” and “The Labyrinth of Life”.  She is an intuitive Life Coach, Healer, critically acclaimed Counselor, and Mother of four.

carolyn-kaufman-juice-plus-set-up-12-16Her groundbreaking seminars, workshops, classes and sessions for adults, children and teens are offered in numerous public venues and through privately sponsored national educational initiatives.  You can visit her on her website at:, on Facebook or for Juice Plus Labyrinth of Life on Facebook, and Free 2 B ME on Facebook

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