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geof-kaufmann-imageGeof Kaufman is an author and U.S. Navy veteran who credits much of his insights about spirituality, and human motivation and behavior to his more than 40 moves and extensive world travels. He previously published a non-fiction book, Mastering Your Choices. Kaufman chooses to live and write near Seattle.

Geof Kaufman’s book – A Human-Being  

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geof-kaufman-a-human-being-book-coverReaders meet Xander, a human being like any other or so it seems. A generation z child living in a time of awakening consciousness, Xander was born with a deeper understanding of human potential than most people, and with the knowledge and ability to access it. His inspirational journey allows readers to learn and to see through society’s illusions of happiness, and blazes a trail to real peace and joy that can only come from having an awareness of who and what humans truly are.

Author’s Notes

Like so many people, I have been experiencing what I can only describe as an awakening of consciousness. That awakening has accelerated over the past several years and is ongoing, as I’m sure it will continue to be for the remainder of my life. My new book, A Human… Being is a compilation of the key lessons I have come to understand from my awakening, so far. It is my take on the evolution of human beings, but it is not about mutant genes, scientific experimentation, or super powers. It is about beginning to understand the unlimited relationship between the capabilities of the mind and the awareness of the soul.

I did not write this book as an autobiography, although I do share many of my perspectives with the characters, namely Xander and Serenity. Also like Xander, I understand I am human and, as such, am imperfect and need to constantly remind myself that I have a choice of how I think, speak, act, and even feel. It is a perpetual practice, but since I love myself, I will always strive to better myself. Of course, when I say “better myself,” I am not talking about working toward, earning, accomplishing, or obtaining anything. I’m talking about feeling and being. Specifically, feeling good and being happy.

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