Lois Gaylord – Weaving Oneness

lois-boothTextiles and Accouterments for the Modern Spiritual Practitioner. Hand dyed altar cloths, tarot card bags, amulet bags, scarves, and more. Ancient symbols for modern times.

Artist statement:

Global healing begins with the individual. Every thread, every life is vital to the integrity and richness of the fabric of creation. Through a Spiritual practice we can each open to the unity of all life and see how we are all part of the same cloth. Each person’s journey is unique. And so each cloth I create is also unique, a reflection of the tapestry that is you.

Every day I align myself with the Tree of Life. I spread my branches open to receive the light of Source and sink my roots deep to draw up the energy of the earth. These energies meet at my heart and spin together to spiral out into my work and the world.

May the work of my heart (avodat ha’lev) flow through the work of my hands into the textiles I create to become the treasured cloth you love.

Connect with Lois and her creations on her Facebook page and her website.


Hand dyed linen scarf $72 & Hand dyed Silk amulet bag $48


Mini Bags – 3″ x 4″ $10

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