SKILL/SERVICE DETAIL – Customized Crystal and Astrology Readings, Intuitive Tarot

sandra-image-1Want a different and one of a kind divination reading?   Sandra created a customized divination that incorporates Crystals (Earth) and Astrology (Sky).  The result is an authentic, detailed and accurate reading.  All readings are conducted with respect for a person’s unique spiritual path.

Crystals provide a wealth of diverse information. Crystal aspects such as what is listed below provides an in-depth and accurate reading:

-Health/Physical   –  Vibration –  Element/s – Chakra/s  –  Astrological Sign/s                        – -Associated Tarot Card/s – Associated Runes –  Associated Herbs  –  Color

Astrology has long been a tool to gather insight into people’s future and actions.  Zodiac signs, planet and house chart placements helps provide guidance, solutions, hope, relief, advice and motivation.

ABOUT the READING:  Using information from both Crystals and Astrology, Sandra creates a personalized reading that will provide a person with accurate insight and validation.  The unique reading consists of choosing either 6 or 9 crystals from over a selection of 120 + beautiful stones.  The customer will select the crystals that they are drawn to and will then mentally ask the Divine, Deities, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Ancestors or Higher Power to provide answers/guidance to person’s questions.  Once selected the customer grasps all crystals in the hands and then will drop all of them over a specialized astrology chart.  Sandra will then interpret the selected crystals and their placement on the astrology chart.  She has had many positive testimonials pointing towards the accuracy of her readings.

Sandra also reads Tarot using the Robin Wood deck.  Layouts include 3, 5 card draw and her favorite layout the Celtic Cross.

sandra-imageABOUT SANDRA:  Sandra practices British Traditional Wicca, Hedgecraft and is a 2* Gardnerian High Priestess with Swangrove Coven in Tacoma.  She began studying Wicca and reading Tarot over 30 years ago. Over the past 5 years she started to work with crystals and astrology. She also has been an active volunteer in the local Metaphysical and Pagan communities for the past 5 years. In her free time she enjoys spending time wildcrafting, gardening, reading and hiking.



Phone:  253-846-9493  Cell:  253-691-5398


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