Events and Classes

Angel Aromatherapy for Cosmic Awareness 10-11 am

Come learn about essential oils that resonate with certain angels and musical notes. We will create our own organic meditation oil for connecting with angels and raising our vibration. Michelle will help each student chose and mix their oils in a sample vial. Free talk – donations welcome 🙂

Healing Codes 11:15 AM-12:15 PM

Linda Jollo LMT will be talking about how we can use light, sound and mathematical codes to shift and heal our energetic bodies, rebalance, and reboot our system. Linda will discuss how seemingly random mathematical numbers actually have a dramatic energetic affect on our bodies and how they can heal, increase stability and promote wellness.

EFT – 5 Things you Can Do in Less than 3 Minutes to Immediately Reduce Stress and Feel Better – 12:15 – 12:45 PM

Karen Aquinas, a certified Energist Practitioner and trainer will present a 30 minute interactive talk on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Learn some basics of this powerful modality and how EFT promotes your health and well-being.

The Message from Water – The Emoto Peace Project 1-2 PM

01-love-and-gratitude-1Ted Mahr is giving a presentation on the work of Dr. Emoto and the wonderful work of the Emoto Peace Project. Ted will also discuss the March visit of Michiko Hayashi, Global Ambassador of the Emoto Peace Project and Dr. Emoto’s assistant for 10 years plus information on the Hado machine sessions.

The Misty Valley Mystics-Gwen Gyldenege – 2:15-3:15 PM

Gwen, an Atlantian Oracle in a past life, is channeling symbols from deep within the watery depths of Atlantis so that we can remember we are loved, supported and ready to embrace the old ways of healing for renewal of our blessed Mother Earth. Come sit for a spell and learn a little about her encounters with Atlantis and these fascinating symbols. Who knows, they may end up holding a message or confirmation from The Great Divine that you’ve been asking about. Prayers are answered daily! Miracles abound. Will you allow yourself to be open to finding them?

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