Events and Classes

10 AM – Aromatherapy & Animal Totem Connections

Michelle Mahler, Proprietor of Circle of Healing Organic Essential oil Remedies, is coming to share her essential oil blends for connecting with your Power Animals!

Be courageous, compassionate, focused and inspired!
Do you feel a connection to Owl, bear, wolf, dragonfly, horse, eagle, badger, hawk, lion, turtle, dragon? Come and learn about their lessons and ways of life that can teach you to Thrive!

Come to this Fun Introductory Aromatherapy Workshop and Learn about Sacred Aromatic Therapy for inner peace, confidence and pursuit of your highest potential!

Michelle will share her knowledge & experiences using essential oils for anointing the body for healing and wearing the scents for enlightenment.

Each attendee will receive help mixing a small vial of Organic Essential oils to use in meditation.

11 AM – Stone Friends, Using Your Intuition to Sense Stones

Grace Star

12 PM – Healing Codes

Linda Jollo LMT will be talking about how we can use light, sound and mathematical codes to shift and heal our energetic bodies, rebalance, and reboot our system. Linda will discuss how seemingly random mathematical numbers actually have a dramatic energetic affect on our bodies and how they can heal, increase stability and promote wellness.

1 PM – Animal Communications

Wanda Buckner

2 PM – Animals as Your Personal Teacher

Strength, personal power, calm, beauty and patience. These are just a few of the many gifts brought to you as a keen observer of the instincts and behavior in the animal kingdom. Carol Montoya will share how to recognize your totem animals through your own personal journey, how to bring a specific animal to be your guide and stories of animals as personal teachers.

3 PM – Practical Magick: Tools & Techniques for Everyday Magick

Marya Casey

“Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will” – Dion Fortune
Lets blend together the worlds of the seen and unseen, bend reality, shape shift, change consciousness all in practical and scientfically based ways!

This group will be focused on integrative ways to bring the magic of consciousness changing into our every day life. Using tools and techniques that can be anywhere from less than 5 minutes long, you can change your state of awareness through working with your nervous system and endocrine system for a complete mindbody shift of consciousness

“Magic is the opening of our awareness to the consciousness that surrounds us”-Starhawk

4 PM – Messages from the Masters

Ted Mahr, author and host of Out of this World Radio & TV, will share his  beyond the veil conversations with the masters from our past and how our future on Earth can be bright.


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