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Aura & Chakra Imaging Featured at the IHF Conference 2011-2012

We’ve just finished another amazing long weekend at the Internation Hypnosis Federation (IHF) It’s All About You Re-Treat in San Pedro, CA.  The Aura and Chakra Imaging was, once again, very well received!  Here is a video from last year’s (2011) IHF Conference that provides a glimpse of us at the conference:

We did an aura and chakra image and interpretation for Lydia.  The original reading took about 25 minutes, so the comments were quite edited.

Balancing the Chakras using EFT

Using the aura-in-motion feature of the Aura Photography & Chakra Imaging system, we demonstrate how Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)* can be used to balance the Chakras and the Human Energy System, the Aura.

Watch this short video and be amazed at how rapidly this energy therapy balances the Chakras!

At the start of the video session, Gerry’s chakras are all quite active and energetic, as shown in the Chakra graphic.  Most are functioning at an energy output level of 80% or greater.  Yet, when we look at the varying size and shapes of the seven major chakras, it appears that this high energy is out of balance.  I noted that the solar plexus (yellow) chakra, by its irregular shape, was particularly active and imbalanced.

Another clue is found in the color wheel’s yin/yang needles.  When the needles are far apart, the yin/yang energies are out of balance.  When the yang (long) needle is the base color of the aura, in this case indigo blue, I suspect an imbalance of the masculine energy.  Often, an excess of yang creates a physical deficit of yin energy on the left side of the body, perhaps manifesting as a physical discomfort.  Today, Gerry verified that he was indeed having problems with his left shoulder.

When the yin/yang needs to be brought into harmony, I recommend color therapy using 1) a color on the color wheel mid way between the two needles; or 2) a color that is closer to the “deficit energy.”  In Gerry’s case, a color towards the greener (yin) hue is preferred.  It’s interesting to note that, at the end of his session, the core aura color was green!  His energy field naturally shifted into this vibration as he was balancing his chakras.

Gerry was following a basic EFT* script and tapping on the EFT meridian points.  Since, at the start, his overall energy output was quite high, he decided to just state “my chakras are in balance” while tapping.  If one or more of the chakras had registered low on their energy output, we would have addressed specific issues for those chakras.

Towards the end of the session, the shape of each Chakra is uniform and the colors consistent with our registration for optimum energy.  The yin/yang arms on the color wheel have closed the gap and are just about touching. This position indicates a balance between yin/yang.  As well, the State of Body/mind meter is leaning more towards positive.  The green bar on the Stress/Relaxation graph has also increase, signifying a more relaxed state of mind.

In a few short minutes, Gerry was able to take his high energy level, which was imbalanced, and bring it into a harmonious state with EFT.

Is Hypnosis an Energy Therapy? Does Hypnosis alleviate pain?

I’ve had several requests to do a “short form” article that demonstrates how hypnosis helps alleviate pain and discomfort.

Last March 2010, we brought our Aura and Chakra Imaging system to the International Hypnosis Federation Body, Mind, and Spirit Conference, where we did a number of Aura/Chakra images and interpretations.  During this time, I experienced a spell of residual pain from a motor vehicle accident.  In this public venue, a skilled hypnotherapist worked with me for about an hour.  I wanted to see how the session would impact my energy field and Chakras, so I captured a “before” and “after” image of my Aura and Chakras.

Here is the before image of my Aura and Chakras:

Before Aura chakra photo Carolyn IHF 2010

Note that the overall look of the aura is patchy, with a “thinking cap” over the head area, which indicates that I’m more in my headspace and not integrating my thoughts and feelings – sort of like a body-mind disconnect.  My Chakras are not of a uniform size and shape.  Look at the Chakra energy level bar graph underneath my aura image – the energy levels for the root, heart, throat, and crown are quite low.  Even though the solar plexus Chakra has a higher energy output, the larger, almost over blown shape on the body figure indicates that I’m operating more on will power.

Here is the after image.

After Aura chakra photo Carolyn IHF 2010

Now, the Chakras are round and evenly shaped, which shows more harmonious activity.  The Chakra colors are clear, bright, and defined.  All are approximately the same size. The Chakra bar graph now indicates that the energy levels have greatly increased for all Chakras.

Notice that the colors of the Aura are integrated.  My green “thinking cap” has merged with my overall energy field.

Look at the Aura size graph, which is a circular “bull’s eye” style graph at the lower right corner of each image.  In both before and after images, my auric field is equally large.  This means that we can have a fairly radiant energy field whether out of balance or in complete harmony.

Yes, after the session with the hypnotherapist, I felt GREAT!