Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging – The Experience

Lucia & Carolyn finished aura chakra image With each session, Dr. Carolyn White provides you with a  reference picture of your own unique Aura Photo & Chakra  Image, a handout that briefly explains the meaning of the  chakras and aura colors, plus a detailed interpretation of the  current state of your energy system.

Dr. Carolyn’s unique background and experience marries the biofeedback technology of the Aura Photography & Chakra Imaging System with an interpretive and intuitive insight, providing you with an in-depth analysis of the current state of your Human Energy System.  Dr. Carolyn also provides practical tips and positive encouragement for bringing your energy system into balance.

Seeing the representative size, shape, and color of your chakras is an empowering experience – one that enables you to discover your “inner-tuition.”  These chakra images show how your inner state can change by varying your emotions and thoughts.

What are some of the benefits of experiencing an Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging session?

  • Become more aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and how they are affecting your health and happiness
  • Become more in tune with the yin/yang balance of your body
  • Become more appreciative of your gifts and talents
  • Understand Your Life’s Purpose and career choices
  • Know that you can change your energy!

Additional services available with your Aura Photography & Chakra Image session:

  • In depth 22 page Aura Chakra report featuring your color psychology profile
  • Recording of your Aura Chakra Image interpretation
  • Recording of the visual changes in the aura and chakras during the session, plus interpretive comments, available as a video
  • Positive support, education, and suggestions on methods to balance your energy system
  • Chakra Coaching

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